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Assertive or Aggressive?

Don’t you just love it when you walk into a store or onto a car lot and the salesperson, who obviously works on commission, instantly pounces on you?   You mean you don’t crave that instant attack of desperation?   No – me neither.   I don’t know anyone who does.

Yet I see it all the time from new direct selling consultants – both online and offline.   These desperados are under the false impression that there is a race and the first person to pounce on a potential gets the big prize.   Personally, I run the other way when I see someone chase ambulances.   There are some who “call it” (remember when you were little “¦ the person who “called” the front seat first, was the lucky person to sit next to Mom?)   Hard up new consultants will be all over the poor innocent person who just has a simple question and will announce to the world “PMing you (sending you a Private Message) now!”   Meaning to the other forum participants and lurkers: I am sitting here, desperate; doing my impression of a vulture, and by my “calling it” no one else can address this person who has questions.

Personally the passive stance works much better for me.   I make myself and my candle business visible.   I try to help others who have questions without expectation of them buying or signing with me. I can honestly say that I have never asked for the close – contrary to recruiting gurus.   Yet I have a very successful team of consultants who are with me because they chose to be – not because I force fed them and shoved myself down their private message inbox.

Make sure you are not sending the message that you are desperate.   There’s a difference between being assertive and well, just obnoxious.   There are more leads available than anyone could possibly ever get to; chill, relax and enjoy your business.

About the Author:   Laurie Ayers is a WAHM from Michigan.   She started her first home business in 1988. As a single parent, Laurie has supported her family by working out of her home.   She is currently an Independent Superstar Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles.   You can find Laurie at and

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