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Are You Spending Your Online Time Wisely?

Social media. Social networking. Forums. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Tumblr. Google+ and countless other online websites give you plenty of opportunity to be social. Connecting with others online opens up so many possibilities and opportunities for independent business owners and direct sales consultants.

Online networking has a plethora of positive aspects to it, if done properly.   It can also be detrimental to your business if you are spending an abundance of time online, all in the name of “˜networking’ but actually, all you are doing is chitchatting.   True that in order to be successful online, building a rapport and reputation are key, but just who are you taking to and can it help build your own business?

To illustrate this point – consider the direct sales consultant who hangs out at their company forum.   Companywide forums, where all consultants, from all teams gather to ask questions and share ideas can be a big help to some, especially if they feel they are not getting the support they need from their own upline.   But is spending hours each day chatting with other consultants who are not even on your team giving you the return on your time investment? Continue reading