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Special Offer If You Join My Scentsy Team

Join my Scentsy team this month and I will give you a FREE”¦Join My Team and Get Free

Those sure are attention getting subject lines, aren’t they? Who doesn’t love freebies? Extra. Free. Giveaway. Bonus.   Ahh, music to your ears, right?

<Insert automobile brake screeching sound here>   Errrrrrrrrrrrk. Not so fast.

If you want to start a Scentsy business; if you want to build a business; if you want to earn some money; if you want a sponsor, coach, mentor who is successful and knowledgeable; if you want to do what the consultants who are profitable do, do not – repeat – do not sign up with (or “˜under’ as some of you call it) any consultant who is offering to give you product, or to buy your starter kit or a give you a website or something enticing for free. Don’t do it.

Here’s why – there are a number reasons actually:

  1.  It’s against Scentsy policy, and I dare say against any company registered with the DSA (Direct Selling Association) policies, standards, or ethics to use recruiting enticements outside of what the company already offers. If you opt to do business with someone offering you a freebie to lure you in you’ll be enrolling with someone who either A. Hasn’t bothered to learn the policies and procedures or B. Doesn’t care and thinks they are “above the law” and those policies don’t apply to him/her.
  2. If you’re about to embark on a business venture, don’t you want to make sure that it can be profitable and it is with a parent company that offers a solid compensation plan and host reward package? If a consultant is offering to sweeten the pot, isn’t that saying that what the company offers isn’t that good?
  3. If a consultant is offering to sweeten the pot, isn’t that saying that s/he doesn’t feel she has enough good personal qualities/attributes to stand alone?
  4. If a consultant offers to throw you an extra bone, the cost of that expenditure is coming out of her pocket. Do the math. Say you’re a kit collector, you mainly just want all the goodies that come in the starter kit because it’s a great value, and you may order a little here and there for personal discount, but that’s about it – personal use only. The consultant offers you a free basket party set of testers if you join her team.   Those are a great deal at $25 for a sample scent tester of all our available scents. BUT, it’s considered a supply, so she’s not earning commission on the purchase and if she doesn’t attach it to a party order she’ll likely have to pay shipping on it either to you or to herself and then back out to reship to you – so figure another $8 there, so now the freebie is up to $32 out of her profits.Scentsy consultants start out earning 20% commission. You can quickly soar to earn 25, 30 or more, but for the sake of this conversation, just starting out, brand new, is 20%.   How much a consultant earns on her downline’s sales are anywhere between 0-9%, depending on the freebie giver’s rank. Let’s take 4% as a figure to illustrate. The new recruit would need to sell a minimum of $800 before the sponsor (freebie giver) would even break even!

    That’s horrible business sense. It’ll be a loss. Most people looking for freebies are doing just that – they’re looking to get something for nothing. There’s nothing wrong with that – just ask the Costco sample lady, who knows me on a first name basis, I like freebies too. But the whole point in offering a sample of something is to encourage you to buy something. Costco can offer me a slice of apple chicken sausage that may cost them pennies, if that, and I turn around and buy 2/$13, now they’ve made a profit. But that’s not at all what the Scentsy consultant did by offering anyone and everyone who wants freebies to join her team.   Good for you, the receiver right? Not if you are choosing this person as your leader, to lead by example.

  5. Number 4 above was long, allow me to make one last quick final point why signing up with someone who offers to give you stuff isn’t a poor idea. Then would you feel under the same pressure that in order to build a team you need to take a financial loss? If you want to throw away money, please PayPal me at info@thriv… I’ll take it!

Lest we end this post on a Debbie Downer note. I do give anyone who joins my team all sorts of freebies, bonuses, perks, giveaways, treasures and good stuff.   Want to know what it is?

  • FREE access to my 25 years’ experience in direct sales; including learning from the mistakes I made and all the stupid tax I paid early on as I was learning the ropes.
  • FREE accessibility to me. I generally get back to team members in 4-5 hours tops, often much sooner than that. I have a neurological thingamagig so I don’t sleep like normal people. It can sometimes seem like I’m online 24/7 (trust me, I’m not) but I sleep in short bursts, all day, so I’m never far away.
  • FREE access to my internet marketing experience, as well as years of doing home parties and vendor events.
  • FREE opportunity to take advantage of my knowledge, skills and abilities where everything Scentsy is concerned. After seven years with this company, some would think I have the comp plan and policies and procedures tattoo’d to the insides of my eyelids. If I don’t know the answer I can get it for your post haste, but rarely has there been a stumper I haven’t experienced already.
  • FREE chance to experience my unfiltered, honest, authentic responses. If you want the truth, ask me. If you want it sugar coated, visit a bakery.
  • FREE admission to my winning personality.

Really “¦ what more would anyone want? What’s that, you say? You want a free plug-in warmer if you join my team?   How about I set you up with the tools and give you access to everything you need to be successful so you can host your own qualifying party as a consultant and get a free plug-in? How about that?

Are you ready to get started and make some money? What are you waiting for? It’s go time (that means click here!)

About the Author: Laurie Ayers is a Michigan work from home mom and a Superstar Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles. She enjoys helping men and women start and maintain a home based business in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, Spain, France, Poland, Austria, Germany, Ireland and the UK. To download a FREE Start Up Guide which provides more details about how to start a home business as well as to learn about our compensation plan go to



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