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3 Smart Words: I Don”™t Know

Think you’ll look stupid if you respond, “I don’t know”? If you’re of this mindset you’re wrong.

If you want to look smart to your customers and downline use these three words: I don’t know. Then if you really want to dazzle them, follow it up with: But I’ll find out and get back to you.

There’s a quote that says, “If you can’t dazzle them with your intelligence, baffle them with your bullshit.” If you have ever been the recipient of such baffling, I’m sure you’ll agree that the person who is handing you a load of bulllloney, is the one who looks like a buffoon. People can see right through that.

I often see consultants in a state of analysis paralysis. They’re getting ready to get ready. Fear is crippling them; fear of not knowing all the answers. That’s just a bunch of hooey. What would make one think that they have to know all the answers? Do these people really think that they’ll be judged so harshly if they don’t have an accurate, on the spot response to every question that could possibly be thrown their way?

Furthermore, if you have a direct sales home business, are you really offering anything that would fall under the classification of urgent, must have answer this very second? Or if someone has a question about your candles, kitchenware, cosmetics, tote bags, or other gadgets, wouldn’t a reasonable person be able to endure until you were able to get back to her with an honest, accurate response?

I tend to see this more often when consultants are speaking with potential recruits. They’re fearful that if they don’t have all the answers then the prospect will go look for another sponsor who does. The facts are that this may happen. It’s possible. But more likely if you are authentic and respond that you don’t know but will get back to her as soon as you find out – and then do follow up promptly – that action will speak volumes. It will show that you’re human; that you can be a consultant and not have all the answers and that you have integrity to want to provide the most accurate response.

So if you’re still getting ready to get ready – it’s time to get off the pot. Or as Joyce Meyer says, “Feel the fear, and do it anyway.“

Now that you know that you don’t have to have all the answers, and that it is okay to say, “I don’t know” – what’s your excuse?

About the Author: Laurie Ayers is a WAHM from Michigan and a Superstar Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles. She enjoys helping others start and maintain a candle business. You can find Laurie at, or

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