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What is a Scentsy Basket Party?

Scentsy Basket Party: Method of collecting Scentsy orders; generally consisting of a host, catalogs and scent samples presented as an alternative to home parties.

Taken directly from the Scentsy consultant websites: “Scentsy Basket Party: If your guests can’t make it to your party, bring the party to them! While it may not offer the full social experience of a home party, the Scentsy basket party is the perfect alternative for guests-on-the-go. I will provide you with a beautiful display basket full of Scentsy product samples, order forms, and all the information you need. You’ll have 10-14 days to share it with as many people you can at as many locations you like. Then you’ll return the basket””and completed order forms””to me to be processed.”

The most important thing to keep in mind about a Scentsy Basket Party (BP) is that there is no one way to conduct one.   There are so many options in how you choose put a BP together.  The options are limitless.   Below are some choices to consider:

What to use as scent samples?

Some consultants choose to use the party testers that were included in the Starter Kit.   Other Scentsy consultants purchase the optional Mini-testers that are available under Business Supplies. Still others opt to make their own samples.   There are pros and cons to each type of scent sample.

Party Testers:   Starting in January 2011 the starter kits now include “slim testers” which are less cumbersome than the original ones. Pro – No extra expense needed as you already have them.   Con – Size and space may still be a factor; the need to get them returned to you in good condition; many hands and noses on them could present a germ factor.

Optional Mini-testers:   These are tiny miniatures of the party testers.   You may purchase these as an entire set or in sleeves of five of all the same scent. Pro – They’re small and don’t take up much room; inexpensive to purchase.   Con – Because they’re so tiny, some consultants don’t believe they hold the same amount of scent or that the scent doesn’t last as long; while relatively economical to purchase, it’s still an added expense and because it is a business supply they do not count toward volume nor pay commission; the need to get them returned to you in good condition; many hands and noses on them could present a germ factor.

Make Your Own Samples: More Scentsy consultants are starting to make their own samples to include in their BPs. There are a couple of different ways to make them. One method is using candy molds as shown here. Pro – You don’t need to worry about getting them returned or germs. It’s also something that the host can actually keep and experience vs. the plastic testers which are just loaned scents to sniff.   They’re quick to make and the wax you purchase to make the samples does count toward volume and does pay commission. Con – you have to make them.

How many scent samples to include in the Basket Party?

There are basically two schools of thought on this. One is including them all – the more choices, the better. The other idea is that all 80+ plus testers/samples are too many for a basket party. Guests/Customers usually place orders on the fly – while at work or during a quick break and don’t have time to sniff over 80 testers. Giving them just those from the Favorites category or perhaps just a dozen samples to keep is a more realistic number.   You decide or ask the host what he/she would prefer.

There are yet more choices in developing your Scentsy Basket Party. In upcoming posts I’ll discuss options such as: What kind of container to house your BP; Local or long distance; To include product samples and if so, which ones; Online or Offline; How long to keep it open; Party orders to the host or to the consultant and some other factors you may not have considered.

Stay tuned”¦

About the Author: Laurie Ayers is a WAHM from Michigan and a Superstar Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles. She enjoys helping others in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Deutschland and the UK start and maintain a candle business. You can find Laurie at https://la.Scentsy.us or https://www.ThrivingCandleBusiness.com

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