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Men in Scentsy – The Man-Friendly Home Based Business

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It used to be that we typically thought of salesmen as just that – men. Most of the sales personnel for encyclopedias, vacuum cleaners, rain gutters, lawn service, alternative energy, carpeting, insurance, medical equipment, autos, car parts and other widgets were (and possibly still are) men.

Yet if you consider Direct Sales – home party plans and the like, a majority of those sales representatives are women. Sure, many direct sales companies have some male representatives and some are quite successful; but they’re still a minority. Direct sales is still viewed typically as a woman’s gig.

An estimated 15.6 million people are involved in direct selling in the United States and more than 92 million worldwide. Of those, nearly a third are men or two-person teams such as couples.

I can say with most certainty that the men who are currently successful with Scentsy were able to see past the gender stigma and see the bigger picture and the awesome potential. If direct sales companies are good investments for Warren Buffett and Donald Trump, it holds a great feature for any man.

Scentsy Wickless Candles Company is a prime example of a direct sales company for men. Here are three reasons why Scentsy is the perfect business opportunity for men, guys, dudes and fellas. BTW, there are many more options to sell Scentsy other than home parties – so don’t let that part of it scare you off!

1. Men are More Comfortable Buying a Gift from Another Man

real men sell candlesMen are more comfortable buying a gift for wife, girlfriend, mom or sister from another man. Let’s face it; most men weren’t born with the “shopping gene.” As much as we women would love it if the men in our lives were as great of gift givers as we are, genetics simply doesn’t allow that to be the case a majority of the time.

Characteristically direct selling women sell to other women – this leaves out half of the population as potential customers. Male sales consultants can capture that market.

Also, there’s no law prohibiting men from enjoying candles. Many men do, just some are in the closet about it. Another man endorsing that their office, den, house or apartment can smell like Baked Apple Pie or even Leather and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, can be another great selling point to the untapped customer base.

2. Do You Know Any Women?

There are worse things in life than being referred to as the Wax Man. There are plenty of women out there who like candles. There are also plenty out there who like home fragrances but due to allergies, asthma, small children or pets many no longer burn candles. You can solve their dilemma. Scentsy wickless candles are flameless, sootless, smokeless. The wax is melted with a 15- or 25-watt lightbulb. The women you come in contact with every day will be an easy sell.

I will never say that any product sells itself. That’s just not accurate. However Scentsy is an easy sell. Men, stop and think of all the women you encounter each day – if not at work, think of your wife, sister, girlfriend, mom and then all of their friends.

Do you do any social networking? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? There is no shortage of potential customers. When women encounter a male candle consultant, the thought Men in ScentsyThere’s something to be said if he’s getting behind this company. I better check out what he has“ will enter their mind.

If you put two people in a room, both with Scentsy wax samples to hand out, one a man and one a woman, it’s almost guaranteed that the man will get more attention. I don’t need to get into the psychology behind it, but I can tell you that the Scentsy men in the company have a proven track record of success.

3. Scentsy is a Portable Business

Whether your job transfers you or need to move out of state to find employment, you can take Scentsy with you. Even if you’re not planning to move, you can take Scentsy with you every day as you drive to and from work. If your job keeps you on the road, what a better way to pass the time then to call people to tell them about Scentsy and then direct them to your website.

Men, if you’ve never seriously considered working with a direct sales company, I highly encourage you to give Scentsy a look. It’ll provide you the freedom to continue to work your regular job; or to give you something to do if you’re retired. Scentsy can fund the orthodontist, home repairs, college tuition, wedding expenses and aging parent(s) that may be staring you in the face. For more information about becoming a Wax Man, continue reviewing this site or contact me.

p.s. If you still think candle sales are a woman-thing. Get over it. You’re missing out on an awesome opportunity!


He Said / She Said

“For me Scentsy started out as my wife’s thing. I agreed to help her build a custom Facebook page and manage some of the online stuff. In the process of helping her do this I fell in love with Scentsy. Now we work this together as a team. When we do a party all the ladies view me as a sort of novelty and enjoy asking me the questions! I’ve spoken with husbands whose wives wanted to host or join our team so they liked being able to talk business guy to guy. Our team loves it too because they know if they cannot reach my wife they can almost always reach me. I now do every part of this business from finding hosts, conducting parties, answering questions, and helping our team. I’ve even gone over to a friend’s house to help her and her husband join our team at midnight!– Josh / Shauna McDonald (wickless expert), Independent Scentsy consultants – Georgetown, KY

“At first, my wife (a stay-at-home mom) signed up as an Independent Scentsy Consultant as a way to “get out of the house” a bit and make a little extra money to afford her own candle habit. But it was amazing how quickly her business — and her team — started to grow while working on a limited, part-time basis. With my marketing and design background, plus a love for social media, I jumped on board to setup a website and Facebook page for her business. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the products but things really clicked when one of her commission payments equaled my regular paycheck. Honestly it’s not all about money with me, but this milestone was tangible proof that Scentsy could be a profitable and fun full-time business — while working part time! Now I’m behind her 100% and capable of answering customers’ questions, presenting the Scentsy opportunity and handling any of the business-related tasks. I truly enjoy our Scentsy business, value the ability to work together and love being able to spend more time together as a family. Rob & Jes Russo (HelloScent), Independent Scentsy Consultants — Charleston/Huntington, WV

“One of the reasons I am selling Scentsy is the fact of the matter is, I love to burn candles.   It is calming and relaxing to me to burn candles.   Although more and more place do not allow you to burn candles because of the flame.   So I am missing out in a lot of great smells.   I cannot burn in my apartment, a lot of military and college dorms are not allowed a flame candle in the room. So I decided to look up a wickless candle. And I saw the website for Scentsy. I read it over and saw that you can sell.   I was skeptical at first, but my sponsor told me it was a great business to sell candles.   She told me of the potentials of becoming an Independent Consultant for Scentsy.  “I have been burned way too many times by doing that”, I replied. But one thing was for sure there was something that got me interested in joining.   I am not going to go into, but this is a great business for men to do.   A lot of women do sell things like Avon, Mary Kay, etc.   But do you see men doing that. Rarely.   This has allowed me to be able to sample some products myself, and be able to share with my customers the wonderful smell.   Joining scentsy has been a great thing for me. I am unable to work due to my disabilities from the military, but am able to earn extra money for me and my wife by selling Scentsy.   I enjoy selling, and am willing to get any man onboard to sell.   For those men who are married, I can tell you right now who your favorite and repeated customer will be: (YOUR WIFE).   I would know.   So for any man who is skeptical about this, forget about all that and join.   It is a fun and great business to be in.” – Edward Lopez (edwardlopez21),  Independent Scentsy consultant Tucson, AZ

“Well I have to admit when my niece first mentioned to me that Scentsy could be a good avenue for me to pursuit for extra income I was a little skeptical and very nervous. Even the name “Scentsy” made me nervous. A guy selling this product I will be a laughing stock of all my family and friends. Then I tried the product and seen the quality and the fun of trying the different fragrances. I said I could sell this product. I got started and sent out   announcements to all my friends and family that I was the new Scentsy man in town. I really enjoy the joy people have when they try Scentsy for the first time and the fun they get when they experiment with the fragrances and combination of the mixing of fragrances to make their own creation. I recall my first party I was nervous to present but found out quickly that guys really like the product and get truly excited about testing all the different aromas! So I don’t have any problem talking about product to anyone and don’t have to be bashful about being a consultant for Scentsy.”  – Mike Amsbury (Mike’s Common Scents), Independent Scentsy consultant – Spokane, WA

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