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Surviving the Summer J-Months (June July)

summer slowdownSummer slowdown only happens if you allow it.

Sound familiar? “June is hard to get bookings because potential hosts are busy with grads and dads.” “July can be just as difficult with summer heat and planned vacations.”

Perhaps the above statements hold some truth, but that only means it’s time to work smarter, not harder. Summer slowdown only happens if you allow it.

Keep working

It would be a mistake to stop working during June and July. Some consultants have the attitude that if it is slow, they might as well just wait until it picks back up again before they start working. The problem with that logic is that the party plan direct sales business requires constantly planning ahead. Planning for the current month, in the current month isn’t going to be very fruitful. The time to schedule June Open Houses or July pool or patio themed parties is in May.

The fall holiday season can be very busy months for direct sellers. They are also months when sales and bookings come much easier and don’t require working as hard to get them. Because of the easier sales during fall/winter season, it’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to give up during Spring and Summer months. Don’t go down that road.

Summer slowdown only happens if you allow it.

The summer J-months could require being creative or, in some cases, going back to basics to keep your business running at an even pace. If you’re struggling it may be because you’ve veered too far off the simple system that your company has set up for you. Or just the opposite, sometimes it requires you to do something a little differently. Figure out which adjustment is needed for your business.

Use the five ideas below to help prevent your summer J-Months from being a snooze-fest.

1. Online Efforts – Fresh content is the key. Whether you have a website, blog, or Facebook business page, adding fresh content will keep your readers interested and will drive more traffic to your website. Updating a blog two-to-three times a week should be the minimum standard. Anything less than that, and you’re going to see little to no results.

2. Offer Special Promotions – many companies will offer additional host or customer specials during the J-Months because they recognize it can be a slower time of year. Take full advantage of these extra specials. If you predetermine that no one on your mailing list would be interested in the specials, then you’re doing a disservice to your sales business. Give others an opportunity to say YES.

3. Direct Mailings – Cold calling and soliciting is highly frowned upon by many companies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break into new markets. Why not mail some catalogs to a targeted audience? Decide which market segments could benefit from your products. Depending on your product line, potential groups could be daycare centers, animal shelters, senior living communities, or apartment complexes. After a few days, call to follow up. This last step is very important, without followup your efforts are wasted.

4. Product Displays – Do you know anyone who owns or works at a salon, boutique, or any other establishment that gets a fair amount of foot traffic? Ask the manager or owner if you could set up a small display at their reception desk for a week or two. Be sure to leave product catalogs and business cards too.

5. Ask for referrals – If you’re not comfortable asking friends, family or other contacts for referrals of people they know who may be interested in your business opportunity or product offering, ask where they get their hair cut, or what vet their puppy uses or if they can think of any other business owner who may be willing to set up a display.

It doesn’t matter what month it is now. Those summer J-months: June and July arrive at the same time every year. Plan ahead and while your competitors are sitting idle and frustrated, you’ll be busy with your business.

See you at the top!

About the Author: Laurie Ayers is a Michigan work from home mom and a Superstar Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles. She enjoys helping men and women start and maintain a home based business in the US, Canada, Poland, Australia, Puerto Rico, Germany, Ireland and the UK. To download a FREE Start Up Guide which provides more details about how to start a home business as well as to learn about our compensation plan go to or for updates on Facebook LIKE and twitter @directsalesblog

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7 Responses to Surviving the Summer J-Months (June July)

  • This is a great article and I’ve suggested to my downline that they come to your link to read it themselves. I really appreciate you sharing this with us all!!

  • Great tips! It’s really got my wheels turning on how I can step things up!
    Kay Dighan’s recommended me to your site and I’m so glad she did.

  • Thank you for the info!! I am a newer recruit admission it definitely have me some good ideas to get me moving in the slow months. I was referred to you posting by Kay on the Fabulous Shine Team page!
    Thank you again

  • Thank you for the great tips! I am alredy thinking ahead!! It is nice to have refersher ideas here and there! Kay Dighans recommended reading the article!!

  • I love your articles!!! I have been with my direct sales company for 3 months and really really really am struggling with talking to people about the business. I talk to people everywhere I go but can not seem to get it into the conversation without sounding pushy or salesy..definitely NOT what I want to be. Will keep trying.

    • Keep at it, Norma. It’ll get easier. Remember you’re just telling them about something wonderful. You’re not asking them to do you a favor. And you can always lead with – ‘If you know anyone who likes … could you please pass along my card.”

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