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More on Selecting a Direct Sales Sponsor

selecting an uplineAlthough, you run your own business, before start in direct sales there is another person you should think about when it comes to your success.

Your up line leader, or the person who recruits you that you’ll train under, is an extremely important person to your business. Because sponsors are so significant, you’ll want to choose wisely when enrolling in a direct sales business.

Here are five some more things to look for in a direct sales sponsor:

  1. An up line leader who knows the company and product very well.  The more your sponsor knows the business, the better that person will be at teaching and motivating your team.
  2. Someone with a positive outlook on business and life in general will go a long way. If you have an up line leader who likes to gossip or has a negative attitude all the time, chances of them being able to encourage you during the down times will be slim to none. Look for someone who has a natural knack for creativity, because these slow times will require you to use your noggin and come up with things that will help you pick up sales, continue making money, etc.
  3. Consistency is important in a leader. Look for someone who communicates regularly with the team via meetings,video, Facebook groups. You want to learn from someone who is successful so don’t try to reinvent the wheel with your business. If you have an upline leader who isn’t growing, it might be a better idea to find someone else to join with.
  4. A good leader realizes it’s not all about themselves. You should look for someone who loves helping their team succeed. One who is willing to share the ropes and teach others based on what works and what doesn’t. They allow you to learn from their mistakes and give you ways to avoid them. When you succeed they are just as happy as if they had met one of their own goals.
  5. Find someone who has a good reputation in the business. If someone has made a bad name for themselves or the direct sales company, your chances of overcoming that negativity with customers will not be easy. It can be done, but it will very hard and can hinder your own business success.

Find an up line leader who is dependable, determined and has a natural willingness to see you succeed.

Your sponsor should know what they are doing and be able to teach, motivate and encourage their team. Find a sponsor with leadership qualities and you’ll be well on your way to a successful direct sales business.

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