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Top 3 Ways to Look Desperate with Scentsy Recruiting

recruiting sponsoring tipsYou can find much information on building your direct selling business. There are plenty of books, articles and blogs on what some deem as best practices to recruit.

What you won’t find too much of is what not to do. If you don’t recruit the right way you just come off looking desperate.

If you are already thinking, “But that’s not focusing on the positive, Laurie” let me say that I am positive that if you are currently engaging in any of the actions below; and if after you read this you find yourself with a new awareness that what you’ve been doing isn’t necessarily a best practice, I am positive you will see an increase to your down line.

1. Join My Team and Get:

Bribing people to join your team is numero uno on my list desperate recruiting moves.

  • Do you really want team members who are just there for the freebies?
  • It looks like your company’s business opportunity and/or starter kit isn’t good enough to stand on its own.
  • How is this any different than the little elementary school girl who couldn’t get anyone to play with, so she gave away her cookies at lunch just to have friends?
  • It’s sending a message that your mentoring and coaching skills leave much to be desired.  Otherwise you wouldn’t devalue what you have to offer.
  • Based on the percentage of royalties, commissions, or leadership bonus (whatever you want to call it) you will receive on your new recruit’s sales, have you calculated how much she/he will need to sell before you merely break even on your give away?

2. I Only Need Two More People To Qualify for the Trip

Do I really need to elaborate how desperate this one makes you look?

2.5. My Director Challenged Me to Sell … in 24 Hours

I added this as a 2.5 because it’s essentially the same begging of customers to do you a favor. Anytime you are asking others to buy, host or join, because YOU benefit, it’s an act of desperation. Of course we benefit if they do those things but that needs to be silently tucked away far from your recruiting spiel. Keep the focus on how THEY can benefit.

3. Push It! Push it Real Good

Some sales gurus will tout the benefits of creating a sense of urgency. I’ll give you that some feel this is a good tactic. However my personal experience with direct sales is that it is not appropriate to push too hard when recruiting team members; doing so only makes you look desperate.

  • It’s one thing to let people know if you have a ground floor opportunity or a limited time offer, but will their lives really be that miserable if they don’t act now?
  • If you represent a stable company with an awesome opportunity, isn’t it reasonable to expect that you (and the company) will be around for a while?
  • You may be able to strong-arm someone into joining your team, or create must-have hype, yet if someone starts a business before she/he is ready, who will that benefit? Anyone?
  • Some will question the motive behind you pushing so hard to recruit new team members. If it’s a good fit, it should flow naturally.

I have never asked anyone to join my team. Never. I simply make my opportunity and myself visible; those who want to join merely do. I’ve had potential recruits ask if me I am offering any sign-up specials (no) or tell me that another consultant is offering free websites to their recruits (so).The passive, put-it-out-there-and-then-just-step-back and let-it-simmer approach has worked well for decades (yes decades) with me. It’s also important to note that many direct selling companies prohibit consultants from offering any recruitment enticements or specials. There is a reason for that.

If you need to make some adjustments in your recruiting efforts, there’s no time like the present to do so!

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