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Direct Sales PLR Articles Can Help Grow Your Business

Looking for ways to work smarter, not harder? Consider purchasing articles that have been written by a professional writer for you to use as though you were the author. It is a perfectly accepted, common and ethical practice.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. As it pertains to sets or packs of articles, you have the legal right to use PLR articles as your own. You don’t have to modify them at all if you don’t choose to, though changing them up a bit is recommended. Having your own “original” (reworked) content will help with your own search engine ranking.

Having fresh and frequent content on your website or blog is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your site. If the direct sales company you represent allows you to have an external website, blog or Fan Page, then providing your team members and most importantly, potential recruits, with informational articles will allow you to provide added value to your readers and give them reason to return often.

You’ll have one less thing to worry about. This will in turn give you more time to focus on: hostess coaching, mastering and teaching your compensation plan, helping new team members understand the direct sales alphabet soup (PRV, GWV, PWV, XYZ), preparing for your fundraiser, setting up your vendor event, following up with past customers and bagging, tagging and delivering the product shipment you just received.

Direct sales is a fabulous industry to be a part of, one that requires you to able to balance your own sales business with recruiting, mentoring, supporting and leading all of your team and group members too. You’re not successful if your team isn’t successful, right? That’s quite a balancing act.

Using PLR articles, specifically written for the direct selling industry, by authors who know the direct sales business well, can ease your burden of providing fresh and frequent on your blog. In school, using an essay that someone else wrote is called cheating. In business, it’s a very common, legal practice. You’d be surprised how many articles you read weren’t originally written by the person you assumed wrote it.

Not all independent consultants are writers, nor to they have the time or desire to constantly write fresh content. Unless you are updating your website or blog with well written articles, you can severely hurt your direct sales business. Poorly written content will drive your traffic away; likely never to return.

How do you find quality articles to purchase? The best way is to Google the words “direct sales” along with “PLR”. You’ll find articles just waiting for you. Now that you just found a solution to save you time and help your direct sales business grow, what are you waiting for? Happy searching!

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One Response to Direct Sales PLR Articles Can Help Grow Your Business

  • Great topic. Blogging and article marketing is a great way to promote business, but between parties, recruiting, training, etc. it is hard to find the time to keep up. Letting others come up with content is a simple way to keep fresh topics flowing.

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