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Bribing People to Join Your Direct Sales Team

Bribing Recruits to Join Your Team“Join my team and get a free xyz!”

I’ve been around direct sales for many years and I’ve seen a number of phases come and go. One that has continued to stick around is the practice of many desperate direct sellers attempting to bribe recruits into joining their team.   “Psst – over here.   I’ll give you this if you join my team. Hey! Hey! Over here, I’m offering this, my offer is better than her offer.”

I don’t understand why some would lower themselves to increase team members. Whenever I see “Psst, over here honey, join my team” all I can think of is a line of prostitutes standing on the street corner, with Johns passing by, ogling at the goods, looking for the best offer.” Ok, that may have been a little harsh. How about this one?   Little Suzy is throwing a temper tantrum in the store and mommy says, “If you stop screaming, I’ll give you a new dolly.”   Little Suzy stops screaming and gets her dolly.   Mommy may be out $30 but so what, she manipulated the result she wanted.   Who really won here?   Right – Suzy did.

Consultants who feel they need to give away the milk for free rarely receive a ROI (return on their investment).   Sure they get recruits.   Sure they have the numbers to meet their qualifications – short term.   But are they truly recruiting team members who are joining because they believe in the product and want to work the business?   Or are they getting people who mostly just want to see how much stuff they can get for little money?

It’s also unethical, unprofitable and in most direct sales companies it’s prohibited by policy, thereby making the consultant out of compliance. Do you really want to join with someone to be your leader and mentor who either has blatant disregard for company policies or who hasn’t bothered to read and understand them?

Since my daughters were old enough to have money, I’ve taught them the importance of understanding they do not need to buy their friends and to be weary of friends who use them for their money and their generosity.   Yet these consultants who offer to give xyz for those who join their team don’t seem to see that they’re being used.

Who wants friends (or team members) who are only in it for the extra freebies?   Personally, I’d be embarrassed to be advertising, “Join my team and receive a free xyz.”   Many people read that as “Join my team because I’m desperate and have to bribe people to join and I like to be used for my free stuff and don’t really worry about having quality team members who want to be here.”

I recently worked with a potential new team member for an extended period of time – more than a few emails and a few questions. She continued to ask me IF she joined my team would I be able to give her xyz.   I could have easily promised her I would just to lock in the deal. Aside from the fact that I wouldn’t or couldn’t do that, I saw a huge red flag about the character of the person attempting to play both sides against the middle to get the best deal for her. The best deal for her would have been to sign up with a proven leader, but if she was merely after freebies, then it’s probably good that she went with the consultant who was out of compliance by agreeing to a recruitment enticement.

If you are currently bribing people to recruit new team members, then perhaps you should take a hard look at your opportunity.   If you don’t honestly believe that your business opportunity or your starter kit is a good value, then it may be time to look for another opportunity.   Additionally, if you have someone knocking at your door for the best offer, and it doesn’t include your knowledge, skills and abilities, I’d throw that minnow back in and don’t give it a second thought. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

About the Author: Laurie Ayers is a Michigan work from home mom and a Superstar Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles. She enjoys helping men and women start and maintain a home based business in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, Austria, Spain, France, Poland, Germany, Ireland and the UK. To download a FREE Start Up Guide which provides more details about how to start a home business as well as to learn about our compensation plan go to

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2 Responses to Bribing People to Join Your Direct Sales Team

  • Wow, you hit nail on the head big time on this. I second all your thoughts. “Bribing” for recruits just lessons the quality of your reputation, the company you’re repping for and the quality of recruit you’ll obtain.

  • Hi

    I totally agree with you. If you are currently bribing people to recruit new team members then your just not providing enough value to do so.

    Work hard and always stay passionate about what you do and believe in.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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