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Sweet Potato Scent Completes Your Holiday Feast

Nope, not a typo, I did mean the title to say sweet potato scent. Say what? Hang with me a second. Scentsy makes a fabulous candle scent called Pumpkin Marshmallow. At first blush that may sound like an interesting combination.   But consider your sweet potatoes on your holiday dinner table. What are you picturing? Orange squashy potato goodness topped with marshmallows, right?

No carbs and no calories with the sweet potato scent.   The Pumpkin Marshmallow Scentsy Bar is described as sticky, sweet marshmallow spooned onto fresh-baked pumpkin and wrapped in a graham cracker crust. Is your mouth watering yet?

The holidays are right around the corner, actually almost upon your door step so pick some up today and have UPS deliver it to your door.  Order here.

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