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Scentsy What Not to Do

scentsy buttonHaving a home business with Scentsy makes perfect scents (yuk yuk, sense!) The business opportunity offers much freedom in how you choose to run your business.   We can sell at home parties, do basket parties, vendor events, set up displays, run fundraisers and even sell online.   The freedom to choose is one of our great freedoms.

However there are a couple of areas that are strictly prohibited.   Sometimes it’s easier for new people if they know what not to do, rather than to initially figure out all of the things they can do.

Avoid these three potentially career-killing actions and you’ll soar with Scentsy:

  1. eBay is a No-Way.   Just don’t do it.   Don’t sell on eBay, don’t try to advertise on eBay, and don’t get your sister, cousin, or friend to sell your inventory on eBay.   Just stay away from eBay.   Besides, when starting out, your commission with Scentsy isn’t high enough to cover the loss you’ll take selling for less than retail.   Don’t forget you’ll also have listing, closing and PayPal fees to cover.   EBay is a No-Way. (Policies and Procedures
  2. When you sign up you are given a website/store.   Your web address will initially be https://la.scentsy.us (your consultant ID number at the end).   You will need to go into your back office and “name” your website, such as https://www.Scentsy.com/LA Some people choose to use their names, or something to do with candles or aroma or scents or whatever you choose.   This is the only opportunity you have to have a website using the word Scentsy in the URL.   If you choose to set up an external website (restrictions apply) or if you merely want to purchase a URL as a redirect you must not have the word Scentsy in any part of the domain.   Ex.   www.scentsysue.com and www.myspace/scentsychick are both prohibited.   You cannot have Scentsy in any part of a web address unless it’s your corporate provided replicated site www.scentsy.com/whatever.   (6.4.1)
  3. Selling out of a retail establishment.   If you or someone you know owns a salon or boutique you may not set up stock inventory there and sell Scentsy products out of the salon.   However, a promotional display may be set up for the generation of leads or the collection of orders in conjunction with a Scent Event. (6.5.1)

There are a few others areas to avoid, but nothing that can’t be corrected if you overlooked the policy.   It’s a good idea to thoroughly review your New Consultant Start Up Guide as well as ensure you have (and read) the most recent Policies and Procedures, which can be found in your back office under Business Builders.

Enjoy your Scentsy business, it truly is a Company of Destiny!

About the Author:   Laurie Ayers has been in direct sales for over two decades.   She is currently a Star Director with Scentsy Flameless Candles.   She enjoys working with others who are interested in starting a candle business.   You can find her at https://www.Scentsy.com/LA and https://www.ThrivingCandleBusiness.com

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