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Scentsy Plug-In Candle Warmer Great Gift for Travelers

Need a gift idea for someone who travels frequently?   Scentsy has a mini version of our standard electric candle warmers – the Plug-In. It’s small enough to fit into your purse or carry-on and gives the security and scent of home while you’re away from home.

When I stay in a hotel room I like having a night light on (no I’m not afraid of the dark) plus I enjoy having my favorite scent around. No flame, no smoke, and no concern you’ll set off smoke detectors in the hotel. The 15 watt light bulb warms the wax and gives you soft lightening. Perfect for the traveler on your list.

With Plug-In Scentsy Warmers, you still get amazing fragrance in even the smallest spaces. Now available in a range of colors and designs, each plug-in features a detachable base, making it quick and easy to change fragrances.   Shop from your seat here.

p.s. I recommend that if you are taking a plug-in candle warmer through airport security remove it from your bag so that it is in plain view in the bin. The electrical unit and light bulb can look a little suspicious on the x-ray machine. To avoid the delay of having a bag search, pull it out first so that the TSA officer can see it at a glance; then you should sail through the checkpoint effortlessly.

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