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Scentsy Notre Dame Candle Warmer

Go Irish! Go Manti! We.Are.ND. Undefeated 12:0!

Ok, sorry for the tease above. I’m just trying to speak it forth and manifest Scentsy to come out with a University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish electric candle warmer.   There are actually quite a few logistics involved in working with Universities for them to allow us (us, as in Scentsy) to use their trademarked names and logos.

Scentsy Fragrance has worked with, and continues to work with, a number of colleges and universities across the country to develop our Campus Collection.   When licenses become available, we develop new warmers.   If your alma mater or favorite college isn’t listed yet, it’s not necessarily from lack of trying; it’s more from lack of ability to get all the necessary licensing approved.   Not to worry, you just never know when your must-have university Scentsy candle warmer will be available.

Take for example, University of Michigan. We currently have that candle burner available. I know there are a number of Wolverine fans out there and I would never insult their 8:4 2012 season, especially if I want to be the fortunate business owner that sells these fabulous GO BLUE fans their warmers. Our Scentsy U of M warmer is beautiful.

But where is the Michigan State University GO GREEN Spartans candle warmer? That just so happens to be where my tuition dollars went and where my daughter’s tuition will go as well.   But no Scentsy candle warmer?   Not yet.   I can only hope the licensing goes through for MSU soon, because I’m envisioning my daughter’s dorm smelling most delightful as all the co-eds warm their favorite wax in their school spirit warmers.

But I digress.   Take a look at our comprehensive Campus Collection. Chances are favorable you’ll find a college themed candle warmer for your favorite high school senior, current co-ed, alum or diehard fan.   They make great Christmas presents.

South Bend to South Beach. We are BSC Championship Bound!  

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3 Responses to Scentsy Notre Dame Candle Warmer

  • I love the university of notre dame please get the liscence soon for them I will buy that warmer fast once it is available and the colors they could use is blue, white, green, or gold. With either the nd symbol or the fighting Irish mascot on it.

  • Okay….I KNOW I’m not the only fan that would pick up a Notre Dame warmer SUPER FAST!!! Please please please please get these SOON!!! PS Michigan SUCKS!! lol

  • Hi Alicia,

    I agree with you on all counts. I worked at Notre Dame for seven years so I would love to have a Fighting Irish warmer. Unfortunately we only produce the warmers of the schools who give us licensing agreements to use their trademarked logos. That is what you don’t see an ND warmer. I’m sure we could sell a grotto full of them.

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