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The following questions come up repeatedly.   It is for that reason I have listed the most common frequently asked question as it pertains to Scentsy wickless candles.

Q. How long will Scentsy Candle Bars last?
A. One candle bar, containing six (6) separate cubes will last approximately 80 hours. However some fragrances have lasted longer. It depends on a number of variables including individual smell capability, size of room, drafts from windows or air vents, scent selected etc.

Q. How hot does the wax get when warmed?
A. The wax will get to just above body temperature, so it won’t burn or harm anyone.   Note:   Our warmers use light bulbs to warm the wax (25 watt in the deluxe warmers and 15 watt in the smaller plug-ins)   They do get warm, just not hot enough to burn the skin.

Q. How do I clean the wax out of the warmer?
A. While the wax is warmed and melted pour it back into its original container if there is
scent left or into a lined garbage can if the scent is used up. While the cup is still warm,
wipe it out with a paper towel. Another way to do this is stick the lid in the freezer for approximately 5 minutes.   Using a non-metal knife or spatula, the wax will then easily pop out.

Q. Where can I get additional light bulbs?
A. Your Scentsy consultant can sell them to you for $1.00 each or you can also find them at any home improvement store, just be sure to get a standard candelabra base light bulb (the smaller tip).   Also do not replaced the bulb with a hotter wattage; use only 25 watt with the deluxe and 15 watt with the plug-in.

Q. Does the warmer come with a light bulb?
A. Yes, all warmers include a light bulb with purchase.

Q. How long can I leave my warmer on?
A. As long as you feel comfortable leaving it on. Think of it as a lamp, many happy Scentsy users leave theirs on 24/7.   They make excellent night lights!

Q. Do I have to attend a party to get Scentsy?
A. No you order directly from your consultant’s website.   There is a very minimal shipping charge.

Q. How long until delivery?
A. Approximately 2 weeks from the time of order – however often it will arrive sooner!

Q. Can you ship to a PO Box?
A. No, we use UPS as our carrier and therefore you must have a delivery address.

Q. How often and when are new catalogs introduced?
A. Our Spring/Summer catalog is released in March and the Fall/Winter one is introduced in September.

About the Author: Laurie Ayers is a WAHM from Michigan. She started her first home business in 1988. As a single parent, Laurie has supported her family by working at home as an Independent Consultant and Star Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles. She enjoys helping others start a candle business. You can find Laurie at

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