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Scentsy Candle Warmers on Sale

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Candle Warmers, Wax & Tiaras* On Sale

*So sorry we don’t actually have tiaras. But we recommend crafting one at home in your spare time. Pipe cleaners work splendidly.

They’re saying that the tiara is becoming popular among roller skaters, tax auditors and ex-mother-in-laws. I’m guessing tiaras will be as big in 2012 as fancy brooches and ferrets were back in ’89.

And, should the tiara become too popular, you can always just tell everyone that your tiara is really a mere coif adornment in condescending way that lets them know you’re better than they are.

Clearly there has never been a better time to be wearing a tiara… but so far the executives at Scentsy Wickless aren’t convinced.

So while Scentsy Corporate should be offering up to 20% off on Candle Warmers, Wax and Tiaras, sadly it only applies to Candle Warmers, Wax and companion home fragrance items.

So shop between now and Feb 29 to receive your discount on most all items (minus tiaras and a few other select items) securely here.

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