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Naming Your Scentsy Business Website

One of the benefits of being a Scentsy consultant is that you are provided with a personal website where you can grow your team and take web orders.   You have the option of deciding on a name for your business or your web address. The address will look like https://whateveryoupick.scentsy.us (or .ca for Canadian consultants).   If you ask around you may get ideas on the “whateveryoupick” portion of your website.   Though the information below addresses six common errors when naming your Scentsy business website:

1. Double letters – particularly ss – i.e. janesscents you’ll lose people who never know if it’s one S or two.

2. Unkonventional spellings – kandles, etc. Generally you go with those unconventionals when what you really want is taken – meaning if wicklesscandles is taken and you opt for wicklesskandles you could inadvertently send people to wicklesscandles – someone else’s site.

3. Avoid dashes and dots – if you have to explain if it’s a dash or underscore, or dot, you’ll lose people.

4. ID numbers. In previous P&Ps we HAD to change our site and were not allowed to use that # in our address. Now the language is softer that you should or could change it. Though corporate has reminded us on a number of occasions to guard your ID# as you would your own SSN. That is the number that you need to login to sites or when you call corp. the first thing they ask for is your ID#. To avoid identity fraud and the possibility that someone can pose as you to change your account in any manner, don’t publish that number to anyone.

5. Anything that requires you to explain or further elaborate. If you respond “it’s mysite.scentsy.us” then most will be able to go there without problem. Even if you’re talking about publishing the site address, you want it to be easily memorable so they can go to it later, without the need to write it down for future reference.

If you have to audibly say – it’s “michelle” with two ell’s, or “for you” with the numeric 4, or “kathy” with a k…. anything that needs ‘fine print’ for someone to easily find you should be avoided. Even scents can be confusing – of course we all almost instantly think s-c-e-n-t-s but others may wonder if it’s sense or cents.

6. Think of connotation or what message are you sending and does it portray a professional image. Smell isn’t always a positive word where as odor isn’t either – though technically they simply mean or relate the the nose/olfactory. Smells is a verb, and not a noun, so if you’re making up a word to change it to a noun (as in such and such smells or sniff the smells) that falls under same as unkonventional spellings. Same for personal interests or hobbies – pookie.scentsy.us or squaredancer.scentsy.us may not be taken as seriously.

Before you flame me and defend your position why you may have chosen something similar to one outlined above, please keep in mind that these are not just my opinions, but also those of marketing and business guru’s when it comes to naming a business. I am also assuming that if you’re investing in a vinyl or decal then you are treating your business like a business and not as a hobby – else you likely wouldn’t go to the effort of marketing your business.

For those who are not business builders (and there are many, and that is totally fine and acceptable), then the naming conventions aren’t as important. I’m merely referring to business builders.

RYBLAB – Run Your Business Like A Business.

About the Author: Laurie Ayers is a WAHM from Michigan and a Superstar Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles. She enjoys helping others start and maintain a candle business. You can find Laurie at https://la.Scentsy.us, https://www.ThrivingCandleBusiness.com or https://www.Twitter.com/thrivingcandle

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