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Flameless Candles Prevent Fires

The headlines are devastating: “Woman rushes from her home without blowing out candles; fire destroys home“, “Ailing man likely unable to flee burning house“, “Unattended candle started a fire in the garage.   Damage was estimated at $25,000” “Candle Fire caused $30,000 damage to home.”

More than 15,000 residential fires are caused each year by the careless or inappropriate use of candles. Further, according to the National Fire Protection Agency, candle fires account for 2.4% of all fires and result in 6% of total injuries from fires and 3% of all fatalities from fires.

The most startling statistic from National Fire Incident Reporting System is the fact that nearly 85% of the candle fire incidents were started because of consumer misuse of the product.   Fire injuries account for approximately one-third of all injuries related to candles reported.   The rest are basically from burns or lacerations.   These injuries are also increasing, although not as fast as actual candle usage is increasing.   Of the fire injuries, 55% result from “body part burned on flame or fire”.

Is that enough statistics for you?   The numbers may be just statistics to you, the reader; however these figures equate to death, destruction and devastation to the people involved.

According to the US Fire Administration, each year $390 million are lost due to home fires started by unattended or unsupervised candles.   Scentsy flameless candles just might prevent such fires.

What is a flameless candle?

It is a candle that contains no fire, no flame, no wick, no smoke, no soot and no lead because they are electric!   Candle warmers are specifically designed to melt flameless candle bars into a wax pool that throws the maximum amount of fragrance over the longest period of time.   Our electric warmers melt wax at a lower temperature, with a 25 watt light bulb so there isn’t the danger of burning children or pets.

With over 80 different scents and 40-some different styles of electric candle warmers, there’s something to fit everyone’s taste.   You can still enjoy the fragrance and light of a candle without the fire hazard!   See for yourself at

About the Author:   Laurie Ayers is a WAHM from Michigan and a Star Director with Scentsy Flameless Candles.   She enjoys helping others start a candle business.   You can find Laurie at ttps://

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