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Sponsor Shopping: Communication via Email or Phone

We often hear how wired we are these days and that we’re losing the human interaction element.   It’s also not the first time we’ve heard how we should unplug periodically and relate with people more over the telephone or face to face.   Those arguments all have merit and few would argue against those statements.   Yet even so, many actually prefer to be plugged in.   Several team members would rather receive an email or text over a phone call.

When you are shopping to find a direct sales sponsor who is a good fit, I recommend that you find out if the sponsor’s preferred method of communication is telephone or email. It’s not a big secret that I am much easier to get a hold of over email.   I already spend a great deal of my day on the phone so odds are favorable you’ll reach my voice mail before you’ll reach me. You’ll get a much quicker response by email.

But what if you prefer telephone?

Not to worry, there are still plenty of great sponsors out there who would rather communicate via telephone.   These are the same people who may be slow to respond over email.   Coincidently, I have a team member who is very much a phone person, no question.   During the last week she has been receiving numerous emails from a prospective recruit.   The team member has mentioned more than a few times that she keeps trying to get the prospect to talk on the phone or in person; yet the emails continue.   So there very definitely are still some fantastic phone sponsors.

But what if the sponsor I want to go with communicates opposite my preference?

What happens if you prefer email over phone, or vice versa, and after thorough research have found a sponsor you’d like to sign with, but she/he doesn’t generally communicate in the platform you favor? Two schools of thought here:

1. A cat doesn’t generally change her stripes – much.   If you really prefer telephone over email but seem to have landed on an emailer, you may have to figure out a way to live with email communication or find someone who is more of a phone person.

2. Or if you’ve found someone who in all other aspects is a good fit, then simply ask her/him if she has anyone else in her downline who is more of a phone communicator. The theory behind this is that you would still have access to your “first choice” and to any team meetings or websites, plus you would also have a direct sponsor who communicates in the manner you prefer.   Sounds pretty win/win to me.

Obviously if you can deal with either method and it makes no difference, then this is really a moot point.   However, if you think this could become an issue, then it is something you really should work out before you sign with a new sponsor.

Here’s to much success in 2011!

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