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Get the Facts, Not the Opinions

“But I thought”¦” “I was told”¦” “They said you can do that”¦” “She asked and they said”¦” “He told me”¦”

Those above statements can be very damaging to independent sales consultants. One of the great benefits to owning a direct sales business, sometimes known as “business in a box” is that you have much freedom to run your business in a manner that suits you and still have all the perks of having a corporate office handle many functions for you.

The tradeoff to those benefits is that you still have some policies and procedures that are required of you. No different than if you were a fast food franchisee. In life we have laws and rules we all have to abide by. Every direct sales company has guidelines that independent consultants must adhere to. The policies’ purpose is simple – to maintain the integrity of the company and to ensure ethical business practices are employed. If you represent a company that is owned by someone other than yourself, you have an obligation to abide by the agreement you entered into when you enrolled as a consultant.

Sponsors and uplines are generally a great resource for information. Some will give you accurate information; some will not. Some will tell you the facts and where to find the written information; and some will give you their opinion. Just because someone has been with the company longer than you does not necessarily mean they have the most current or accurate information.

Many compliance infractions are the result of consultants getting opinions instead of facts. When they are informed that they need to make an adjustment they frequently respond, “But I thought”¦” “I was told”¦” “They said you can do that”¦” “She asked and they said”¦” “He told me”¦” as it relates to their upline or peers.

Rather than taking everything you hear at face value, get into the habit of asking, “Where can I find information on that?” Meaning, where in the policies and procedures is that written? Then look it up yourself – that way you will know you are operating on the most current and accurate information. I used to work with a man who frequently said, “In God we trust; all others bring data.”

If you are an independent sales consultant, when you enrolled with the company you likely signed an agreement that says you read and understood the policies. Chances are you didn’t really read it (many do not) – but you’re still held accountable to follow them. So the next time you have a question for your upline, don’t ask for the answer – ask where the answer can be found. If you do that, you’ll find you have a much more solid foundation for your business.

Facts, not opinions will help you soar with the eagles.

About the Author: Laurie Ayers is a Michigan work from home mom who started her first direct sales business in 1988. She is currently a Superstar Director with Scentsy Fragrance and President of Income Wax, Inc. She enjoys helping men and women start and maintain a home based business throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Germany, Ireland and the UK. You can learn more about her at

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One Response to Get the Facts, Not the Opinions

  • I love this article because it addresses a common issue. There are so many upline position holders who would prefer to issue their opinions rather than acknowledge that they don’t know but will find out. They should want their team to know where to find the information and train them accordingly. Great article.

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