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5 Tips to Rev Up Your Direct Sales Business in January

JanuaryJanuary may require being creative or pulling out all the stops to keep your direct sales business running at an even pace.

Many direct sales companies are slower during the J-months (January, June and July). January can be a particularly challenging month especially if you’ve just come off a whirlwind, crazy busy, holiday season.

The biggest mistake you can make in your business is to take January off because you’ve predetermined that your business will be virtually nonexistent. True it will be slower, but that is all the more reason to work even harder; not to go on hiatus. It’s likely that you were extremely busy during November and December. But don’t confuse being busy with working hard.

Before you get insulted at that last statement, I am fully aware of all the hustling and organizing it takes to ensure all holiday orders are placed and delivered timely. It can get pretty chaotic. Though I’m sure you’ll agree that it wasn’t terribly difficult to get orders during the gift giving season; or certainly not as difficult.  It’s safe to say you didn’t have to work as hard to get parties, vendor events or orders.

January is also a time of New Year’s Resolutions. Many resolve to lose weight. You, yourself may be working very hard at diet and exercise to reach your goals. What happens if by February or March you start to fizzle out on your Resolutions? You won’t get the results you set out to achieve, right? But then suddenly it’ll be bathing suit weather so you’ll again hit it hard trying to work out.  How does that action plan typically work out? That’s what I thought.

To achieve and maintain success in your direct sales business it requires consistent “working out” – twelve months of the year.  Below are some ideas you can employ to rev up your business in January.

1.   Specials and Promotions – many direct sales companies offer additional booking incentives, host specials or product discounts during January. They too recognize it can be slower than other months. Don’t predetermine that none of your previous customers or hosts would be interested.   Tell everyone on your mailing and social media list about these specials. Scentsy has a $49 Join in January Special.

2.   Mail some catalogs to a targeted audience. What group of people could benefit from your products? Daycare centers? Animal Shelters? Senior Living Communities? Apartment complexes?   Mommy groups? Stick a catalog and sample in the mail to some new markets. Wait a few days, then call to follow up. “I sent you a catalog last week highlighting our Scentsy fragrance products and wondered if I could answer any questions or come in to show you some products in person.”

3. Set up displays. Hit the pavement to salons, boutiques, or any other establishment that gets a fair amount of foot traffic. Ask the manager or owner if you could set up a small display at their reception desk for a week or two. Then leave your business cards and catalogs next to the display. You may want to offer the proprietor an incentive such as a free product or large discount on a purchase.

4. Blog, blog, blog, and then blog some more. Not a blogger? Okay then Vlog, Vlog, Vlog. Videos are hot right now and YouTube can provide you oodles of traffic.

5.   Ask for referrals. You may be in the NFL (No Friends/Family Left) when it comes to selling to those in your warm market; yet you never know what will shake loose if you don’t ask.   If you’re not comfortable asking them for referrals of people they know, then ask where they get their hair cut, or what vet their puppy uses or if they can think of any other business owner who may be willing to set up a display.

While it’s good to always be looking ahead, it’s equally important to not let the current month pass you by.  As the saying goes, don’t put off until tomorrow (or next month) what you can do today.

There is still a week left in January.   What will you do to end the month on a high note?

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About the Author: Laurie Ayers is a Michigan work from home mom and a Superstar Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles. She enjoys helping men and women start and maintain a home based business in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Germany, Ireland, UK, France, Austria and Spain. To download a FREE Start Up Guide which provides more details about how to start a home business as well as to learn about our compensation plan go to 

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