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Do You Ever Clock Out From Direct Sales?

If you’re a direct seller, are you always on the clock? Or as Kenny Rogers says, is it important to “know when to hold “˜em, know when to fold “˜em, know when to walk away “¦?” I would agree that there are opportunities literally everywhere to introduce your products or business opportunity to someone. Yet are there times that even if an opportunity presents itself, you should not take it?

For example, if you’re in the hospital sitting with a loved one who is ill, should you prospect the medical staff? Would it matter if the loved one was in Intensive Care or merely recovering from a common procedure?

If you learned someone just lost a pet, would it be acceptable to show a brief moment of sympathy and then approach the subject of your direct selling opportunity? Or should business be left to a separate conversation, at a more opportune time?

I am in a unique position to hear about hundreds of situations that happen each day in the direct selling world. All of my examples given have come from actual situations – sanitized to protect the innocent. I know what I consider acceptable, but I’d like to hear how you feel about golden opportunities for direct sellers.

Take “˜em if you get “˜em? Or not all opportunities need to be acted upon? Weigh in on this discussion.

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One Response to Do You Ever Clock Out From Direct Sales?

  • I agree. I believe we need to take a moment and evaluate how much we’ve prospected and/or advertised. Has it generated business? Has it gotten us leads? No matter how much we advertise or prospect to build our businesses, it’s important to know when our prospective customers just need a break from hearing about how wonderful the products are that we are selling!

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