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Scentsy is a Personal Preference

Dear Scentsy Consultant: You are doing your business a disservice, and will ultimately hurt it if you promote Scentsy as anything other than a PERSONAL PREFERENCE.

how to use scentsyEveryone’s nose works differently. Everyone’s personal preference is entirely different. Other than the mechanics of our products (correct watt light bulb, water in the diffuser, scent soft in the fabric softener bin of your washer, etc.) you should not be giving ANY specific and quantitative values on how many cubes of wax, how many drops of oils, how many scoops of whiffs, etc.
The most important thing you can do for your customers is to inform them how every single person is different and they will find their own preference and have their own experience. It’s not being evasive; it’s being smart, truthful and helpful.

Are You Over-Promising and Under-Delivering?

Consider this – if you think a scent is very strong and only use a half or one cube and tell me that is good to start with, I may not be able to smell a darn thing with that and then I’ll feel duped and that Scentsy doesn’t work.
Likewise if you tell me you use 4, 6 or 8 cubes at a time and it lasts a week, so I try it, and it was indeed, “Wow!” strong the first day or so, then I start to become anosmic to it and by day three I couldn’t really smell it anymore, I’ll feel duped and that Scentsy doesn’t work.
I would personally never tell anyone to only change it once a week. I want to sell wax and I want my customers to mix it up so that they don’t become too immune to the scent. Others will disagree with me on that, which illustrates my point, there isn’t a way to experience Scentsy, there are many ways. 

But How Many Cubes of Wax?

Remember, your job as a CONSULTANT is to CONSULT. Stress that Scentsy is a personal preference. Make sure you tell them everyone’s experience and opinion is different and the only way they will know what works for them is to try it.
Customer: “What do you like? or How many do you start with?”
Me: “It doesn’t really matter what I like or what I do, does it? It’s YOUR nose, your preference. Experiment and let me know what YOU like and how many YOU use.
Lastly, if that doesn’t quite sink in, consider how many people are on medications. In the U.S. some reports says 1 in 6 are on anti-depressants, which means that likely you are, or you know someone who is. How many different kinds are there? How many different doses are there? That is why doctors say TRY THIS and let’s revisit it after a short while to see how you’re feeling. THAT is the same type of “TRY IT AND SEE” attitude you need to have with your Scentsy customers.  It also gives you the perfect reason to follow up with them after a week or two.
Is today the day you need to revisit the way you’ve been “advising” your customers?

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