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Having trouble getting bookings for home parties?   There are generally three main reasons why your booking success leaves much to be desired:

1.       Your peeps are basically non-party people.   Sometimes it’s as simple as that.   Those you know or talk to just don’t get into hosting or attending direct sales home parties. Have you ever tried to convince someone who prefers country music to listen to jazz?   Or how about convincing a true blue dog-person to get a cat?   Sometimes it’s that simple; nothing you say or offer will convert them into party-people.

2.       You haven’t asked.   That may be a BGO (blinding glimpse of the obvious) but are you honestly asking people if they’d like to host a party?   Or are you making up their minds for them? Have you already decided that she wouldn’t want to have party? There might be a market for your mind-reading abilities.

3.       You’re using words and terms that make people run.   Sometimes when people hear “home party” their mind translates that into something as fun as a mammogram or paying taxes. Perhaps you can say the same thing in a more enjoyable manner that will get favorable results.

The Solution

If you fall into one of the above three categories consider these possible solutions:

1.       Review your company policies and procedures to ensure you are permitted to market via methods other than home parties.   Perhaps you’re better suited to participate in vendor events such as craft shows or state fairs.   Can you use Internet marketing?   Perhaps that’s the way to go instead of constantly hitting the wall with home parties.

2.       Open your mouth and give people the opportunity to get free stuff.   And for goodness sake don’t ever use the word “favor.”   Your hostesses aren’t doing YOU a favor – you’re doing THEM a favor by providing them the opportunity to get some products free or greatly reduced. Until you change your mindset about that favor thing, no matter how you ask, you’ll come off that you don’t really believe you’re offering something worthwhile.

3.       Try using creative language.   How about “Free (candles, jewelry, makeup, etc.) For Large Orders”?   That says nothing about a home party but gives potential hostesses the opportunity to merely collect orders or to decide how to go about getting the free goods.     Also try other names for home party – Tasting Event or Scent Samplers.

If what you’re doing isn’t working it’s really as simple as finding a different way to arrive at your destination.   Take a detour; try something different than what you originally thought was the way to go.

About the Author:   Laurie Ayers is a WAHM from Michigan and a Superstar Director with Scentsy Flameless Candles.   She enjoys helping others start and maintain a candle business.   You can find Laurie at or

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