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Direct Sales Home Party Theme Ideas

tacky party ideasTired of the same traditional, boring home parties? Give your guests a reason to want to come. Spice up your next direct sales home party with an exciting theme. The ideas below ought to get your creative juices flowing. Starting planning your next bash and watch the sales roll in. Some of these are geared toward the candle business but could easily be tweaked for your own industry if you sell other product lines.

80’s Party – Make up name tags with famous people from the 1980s; guests pick one when they arrive. Have an 80’s quiz and a contest for best 80’s hair.

Banana Split Party – Host provides the ice cream, guests provide the toppings. Guests bring a dressed banana for a banana fashion show to be judged by the guests. Winning banana gets a prize.

Chocolate Lovers Party – Serve chocolate goodies. Guests bring their favorite chocolate recipe. Don’t forget the chocolate fondue. A fun chocolate quiz is given. How well do your guests know their chocolate?

Christmas in August – Have a variety of specials for hosts and guests. First look at the beautiful new holiday line. Every guest gets a sample or scent circle (ornament).

Come and Go Party – On the go? Juggling too many things at once? Have friends drop in and out in allotted time period. Drawing every 30 minutes.

Couples Party – Get couples together for a fun time with candles. Men LIKE candles, so why not get them together with you so you can find out what each other likes. All couples get a gift.

Garden or Patio Party – Hold your party in your garden or on the patio/deck. Guests wear a garden hat or big floppy hat. Drawing for the best hat, funniest, ugliest.

Fundraiser Party – Looking for a new fundraiser idea? Why not support your favorite cause at the same time guests are doing their candle shopping? Or have them bring non-perishable food items and donate to a local food pantry or diapers to give to a women and children’s shelter.

Halloween Party – Challenge your guest to come in costume and earn a gift. Goodie bags given to all who bring a friend. Serve apple cider, pumpkin pie or candy apples, who cares what month it is!

Hawaiian Shirt Party – A bit of the Islands here on the mainland. Some Don Ho music, your favorite tropical drinks and a lei and you can have Hawaii in your living room. Guests who wear their favorite Hawaiian shirt will get a gift.

Mardi Gras Party – Any day can be Mardi Gras. Guests who dress in Mardi Gras colors, wear beads or a mask get a gift.

Margarita Party – Love Margarita’s? This is the party for you. Bring Margarita recipes and give the guests a Margarita quiz.

Mother/Daughter Party – Includes mothers-in-law, step-mothers, grandmothers etc. It’s a time for laughter and sharing with a favorite picture. All mothers get a sample or scent circle.

Pool Party – Party around your pool. Have guests bring their bathing suits in a brown paper bag and everyone will guess whose it is.

Potluck Party – Guests bring dish pertaining to their nationality. What a great way to get to know another culture and cuisine by Scentsylight.

Red, White & Blue Party – Celebrate the good old red white and blue. Prize for the best patriotic outfit.

Salad Party – Each guest brings a salad ingredient or a salad specialty. All melon or fruit scents are on sale.

Shower Party – Whether it’s a baby, bridal, anniversary or house warming, shower someone with a [Your direct sales Company] gift shower. Encourage brides to be to fill out our gift registry. For new mom’s, shower her with gifts she can use. What better way to decorate your home at no cost than with a [Your direct selling Company] house warming party. Candles, Warmers and wax in every room!

Strawberry Shortcake or Strawberry and Chocolate Party – Or try a fondue Party. All strawberry and chocolate scents are on sale.

Sample Scavenger Hunt – Wax samples are hidden in the backyard or in the house. Guests get to keep what they find.

Tacky Party – Think tacky, tacky, tacky – the tackier, the better! Tell guests to dress tacky, and the winner gets a prize – a tacky prize of course, such as a sparkly lawn flamingo. Print invitations on scrap paper left over from another flyer or neighborhood notice (put a big “x” on the back to cross out the previous info). Have a quiz to see who is tackiest, and the host can serve tacky foods such as Pop Tarts, Slim Jims, prunes, Little Debbie Snacks, Spam, generic soda, and wine in a box. Use your kid’s leftover party plates and napkins for the party. You can wear a skirt with gym socks and high heels, and on your t-shirt plaster labels with every single home party slogan you have ever heard on it. Let’s face it, one at a time things like “Earn Some Free When You Party With Me” or “Is Money Low? Book a Show” “Stick Your Nose in My Business” are okay, but when you have like a dozen different at one time – that’s definitely tacky. If you really want an over the top tack party encourage your host to decorate the front yard with a clothes line featuring giant granny panties and a bra, broken lawn chairs, old tires, and an empty case of beer.

Tropical Drink Party – Get the blender out, bag the ice and let’s party. Serve various tropical drinks and unwind with friends.

Ugly Candle Contest – Admit it, we all have ugly candles hidden away. If not, hit the thrift stores, you’ll find some gems. Winner of ugly candle goes home with a new one. This also works well for the sootiest candle. We all know that wicked candles, regardless of wax used can produce ugly black soot on the edge. Who has the blackest one?

Ugly Sweater Party– If there isn’t an ugly sweater hiding in the closet, there are plenty to be found at thrift stores.   Take a vote for the ugliest sweater. Winner gets a prize.

Very Berry Party – Make berry desserts, or berry toppings for cheesecake or ice cream. All berry scents are on sale.

White Elephant Party – Your trash could be someone’s treasure. Bring a wrapped unwanted “treasure” from home. You will go home with someone’s “treasure” at the end of the evening.

Wine and Cheese Party – Relax with friends over some wine and cheese and warmers. Enjoy the warm candle glow of each as you celebrate life.

Hope this helps – theme parties can be as big or as little as you like. 

Ready! Set! Fill Your Calendar!

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2 Responses to Direct Sales Home Party Theme Ideas

  • love your theme party list! do you have templates or registry forms for shower parties or anything related to the theme list that i could download would be useful ive been a Scentsy cooonsultant since 5/30/14 enjoying it thank you in advance!

  • Hi Lydia, I’m not sure what you mean by templates or registry forms. The post on theme ideas gives you suggestions on how you can incorporate those themes into a party.

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