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Join My Team and Get a Free x

That’s a pretty enticing subject line, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love freebies? I know plenty of potential direct sales consultants who shop around for the best offer. “What will you give me if I join your team?”   “What joining specials are you offering?”   This is actually problematic for a number of reasons, so I thought it’d be a good topic to discuss.

I believe what I am about to say is true for many direct sales companies, but I only have intimate, first-hand knowledge about how Scentsy works. Therefore I’ll address this using Scentsy as an example, but I suspect the information may be transferrable to many other companies.

Scentsy policies strictly prohibit any recruiting specials at all. This means a consultant cannot promise if you join her/his team to give you a free product, website, business supplies, pay for your starter kit or anything else with any monetary gain or value at all. Nothing.   Yet on any given day you may find consultants posting online some recruiting enticement.   “Join My Team and Get a Free”¦”

If you’re just looking to collect starter kits and get freebies, then you probably don’t really care if it’s against corporate policies or not.   However, if you’re looking to start a business or to earn some extra income, this is something you may want to pay close attention to.   This likely means that you will be enrolling with a sponsor who either has blatant disregard for policies or who hasn’t read the policies and isn’t knowledgeable about the inner workings of the company.   Either way, it’s not a positive way to start a business relationship. If they’re cheating or are ignorant to the rules, do you really want this person as your mentor? Continue reading

Sweet Potato Scent Completes Your Holiday Feast

Nope, not a typo, I did mean the title to say sweet potato scent. Say what? Hang with me a second. Scentsy makes a fabulous candle scent called Pumpkin Marshmallow. At first blush that may sound like an interesting combination.   But consider your sweet potatoes on your holiday dinner table. What are you picturing? Orange squashy potato goodness topped with marshmallows, right?

No carbs and no calories with the sweet potato scent.   The Pumpkin Marshmallow Scentsy Bar is described as sticky, sweet marshmallow spooned onto fresh-baked pumpkin and wrapped in a graham cracker crust. Is your mouth watering yet?

The holidays are right around the corner, actually almost upon your door step so pick some up today and have UPS deliver it to your door.  Order here.

December Birthdays Don’t Want Christmas Presents

Okay, let me clarify that title, those of us who have birthdays in December want Christmas presents. We just don’t want one present with the declaration, “This is for your birthday AND Christmas.”   Many of us heard that when we were a kid; and now that we’re adults, we’d be okay not hearing it still.

But what to get an adult, right? Well it is the thought that counts, so a nice card, lunch or phone call would be plenty. But IF you wanted to give a gift, why not give a unique one? Sure you could give a bottle of wine or a Target gift card, but where’s the “˜wow factor’ in that?

Why not give your favorite December baby a Scentsy cupcake candle warmer? It’s all the scent without the calories, and it says that you put some thought behind your gift. And it definitely does not say “This is for your birthday AND Christmas.” Rather it sets apart the special day of his/her birth.   Add a couple different candle bars – the Happy Birthday scent would be a good one – and you have a fabulous gift.

Easy online ordering can be shipped directly to the recipient. Order here.

My Trip to the Scentsy Lexington Distribution Center

I had the opportunity to visit the Scentsy Wickless Distribution Center last week. I was always impressed with the speed and accuracy this facility fulfills the individual and party orders submitted by customers and independent consultants but I now have a whole new appreciation for the process and the employees.

I’m not even sure I can explain what I saw and do it justice.   It is a very complex system that runs like a well oiled machine. It’s very systematic and full of checks and balances along the way to ensure accuracy.   Just as each individual independent Scentsy consultant is an essential piece in the entire team puzzle, each employee plays a vital role in fulfilling our orders.

Thinking of some of the employees who touch each order:

  • The person who prints off the orders and organizes them for fulfillment
  • The person who hand-picks the candle bars, sets them on the cart and then forwards the cart to the next zone
  • The person(s) who continue to hand pick each item from the shelves until all product items are on the cart
  • The person who labels and scans the inventory then packs the boxes
  • The person who gets the box on the UPS tractor trailer

Continue reading

Scentsy Fall Winter Discontinued Scents 2012

The following Scentsy candle scents will not be returning in our Spring Summer catalog that begins March 1, 2012. They are only available while supplies last, so if there is something you can’t live without I would encourage you to order it today. Also our larger candle Bricks are also not returning, so if you really like any of these scents you may want to stock up on some bricks. You can order securely here for UPS delivery to your door.

Scentsy Discontinued ScentsAutumn Stroll AST
Autumn Sunset AUT
Black Ruby RBY
Central Park Pralines CPP
Christmas Cottage XMC
Cinnamon Bear CBR
Cinnamon Vanilla CVA
Clove & Cinnamon CNC
Cocoa Clementine CCT
Comfort & Joy CAJ
Cozy Fireside CFS
Embers EMB
Eskimo Kiss ESK
Festival of Trees FOT
Flutter FTR
Honey Pear Cider HPC
Pima Cotton PIM
Pumpkin Marshmallow PMW
Pumpkin Roll PMK
Sentimental Cider STC
Shades of Green SOG
Silver Bells SBL
Snowberry SBY
Spice Bazaar SBZ
Whiteout WHI

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