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Scentsy Discontinued Warmers and Scents

Scentsy Discontinued Warmers n Wax 2009

Scentsy Discontinued Warmers n Wax 2009

August is Sale Month at Scentsy.   We’re making room for our Fall/Winter 2009 product line.   Everything in our current Spring/Summer catalog is 10% off during the month the August with the exception of the multi-packs priced $75 and higher which are already deeply discounted.

Discontinued Fragrances

The following Spring/Summer 2009 fragrances will be discontinued on September 1, 2009, and are only available for order until 11:59pm (PDST) on August 31, 2009.   Note: Some of these may return again in the Spring 2010 but we have no way of knowing, so if you see some of your favorites, I’d strongly encourage you to get them before they’re gone.

Blueberry Cheesecake (BBC)
Cashmere (CAS)
Eucalyptus (EUC)
Exotic Vanilla (EXV)
Falling Leaves (FAL)
Fresh Cut Cantaloupe (FCC)
Grapefruit Blossom (GFB)
Grapefruit Pomegranate (GFP)
Havana Cabana (HVC)
Hearth & Home (SOTM) (HNH)
Herb Garden (HBG)
Irish Cream (IRC)
Juicy Peach (JCP)
Leather (Bars and Bricks) (LEA)
Lemon Lavender (LMV)
Lots of Lavender (LOL)
Luxe Vanilla (LUX)
Meadow Pear (MDP)
Mediterranean Spa (MTS)
Mulberry Bush (MBB)
Mysterious (MYS)
Nutmeg & Orange Zest (NOZ)
Pomegranate Orange (PGO)
Red Delicious (RED)
Sandalwood & Cranberries (SWC)
Sangria (SNG)
Sheer Saffron (SOTM) (SHE)
Silk (SLK)
Spiced Orange Harvest (SOH)
Spruceberry (SPR)
Strawberry Sweetie (SBS)
Sweet Indulgence (SWI)
Sugar (SGR)
Sweet Tea Magnolia (SWT)
Tarocco Mint (SOTM) (TRM)
Tea Blossom (TEA)
Toasted Apple Butter (TAB)
Tuscan Garden (TUS)
Verbena Berry (VBY)
Wasabi Ginger (WSG)
Watermelon Patch (WMP)

Discontinued Warmers

The following Spring/Summer 2009 warmers are available while supplies last.

Bombay (DSW-BBAY)
Brownstone (DSW-BSTN)
Dandy Wall Plug-in – Black (PSW-DBLK)
Dandy Wall Plug-in – Brown (PSW-DBRN)
Dandy Wall Plug-in – White (PSW-DWTE)
Dragonfly (DSW-DFLY)
Jakarta (DSW-JAKA)
Luminous (DSW-LUMI)
Patina (DSW-PATI)
Pressed Penny (DSW-PPEN)
Punched Tin (DSW-PTIN)
Raised Dot Black (DSW-DOTB)
Raised Dot Mocha (DSW-DOTM)
Raised Dot Turquoise (DSW-DOTT)
Retro Chic (DSW-RETR)
Scentsy Classic Chocolate (DSW-SCHO)
Shabby Chic (DSW-SHCH)
Weave – Wall Plug-in Black (PSW-WBLK)
Weave – Wall Plug-in Brown (PSW-WBRN)
Weave – Wall Plug-in White (PSW-WWTE)

Don’t delay; these above items will be sold out when gone.   Shop securely and have it delivered to your door at Always with low, low shipping.

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