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Christmas Shopping Whilest Sitting on Thy Butt Nets You FREE SHIPPING

Did you know that you can knock out a chunk of your Christmas shopping while you’re sitting on your booty, in your pajamas, and get FREE SHIPPING?

That means no getting up stupid-early, no getting dressed, no fighting for a parking space, no fighting crowds, and no gasoline used.   With a click of a button on my secure website you can cross off more than a couple gift recipients from you list and let UPS deliver everything to your door.

Scentsy Fragrance is more than just a candle company – though we do offer a hugemongous selection of electric, wickless candle warmers and candle bars to melt in them. There’s a size, scent and design for any boy, girl, man or woman on your list.   We also have plenty of different types of air fresheners for the home or on the go; scented stuffed animals; and a full bath and body and laundry care line, Layers by Scentsy – that includes hand creams, body lotion, body butter, body spray, solid perfume, shower gel, shower cream, bath tablets and fabulous scents to add to your washer and dryer.

What’s the catch?

Yes of course there’s always a catch. You can’t get something for nothing. The fine print is that when you spend $150 or more at and you have to use the “BUY” button at the top of the page, then you’ll get free shipping to delivery addresses in the US.  Don’t join an open party listed at the webstore or the free shipping feature won’t apply – you have to shop through the BUY link.   Those are too stringent rules to follow in order to get the FREE SHIPPING, right? Simply get Christmas gifts for a couple people, don’t forget yourself, invest $150 or more, click the Buy link at the top of the page, do not join an open party, have fun shopping and you’ll get free shipping.

To ensure delivery in time to give at Christmas, make purchases by Dec. 18, 2012. Better yet, shop early before your favorite items are gone.   In fact, why don’t you go take care of that now – here.

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