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Changes to Scentsy Consultant Quota

Great News!

Scentsy independent consultants in the US and Canada have a new cancellation/restoration policy that will go into effect on September 1, 2011.  The policy currently in place will remain in effect through August 31, 2011.

Basically Scentsy is eliminating the 150 PRV requirement once a rolling quarter that is currently needed to remain a consultant. No terminations will take place until January 1 of every year. As long as you have ANY sales volume in the six month period preceding January 1, you are welcome to stay as a consultant.

IF YOU HAVE DOWNLINE MEMBERS – this is very important: you will lose your downline members, unless you have a total of 150 once every rolling quarter. You will remain a consultant with any sales during the last six months of the year, but to maintain your downline members, you still need to have 150 PRV once a rolling quarter. If you lose you downline members, they will roll up to your sponsor.

This is exciting news for those who are mainly personal use users or only wanting to work Scentsy on a very limited basis.   If you’d like further information or if you are a former consultant and want to know how to restore your account under the new policy please contact me for full details.

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