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Scentsy Harvest Halloween

Our 2016 Fall Autumn Scentsy Harvest Halloween candle warmer collection is only available while supplies last.

See what’s warm, cozy and spooky here.

scentsy halloween

New for Autumn / Fall we have:

Acorn & Maple Leaf which are element warmers (no light bulb). These use a hot plate to warm the wax.

Lumina is a full size beautiful cream pumpkin that does use a lightbulb to melt the scented candles and give off a beautiful glow.

For Halloween we have:

Calaca – is also an element warmer. A calaca (Spanish pronunciation: [ka?laka], a colloquial Mexican Spanish name for skeleton) is a figure of a skull or skeleton (usually human) commonly used for decoration during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, although they are made all year round.

Tricks & Treats – uses a 25 watt light bulb (included). DIY coloring books are hugely popular and we’ve carried it over to you to decorate your own warmer. Markers not included.

Superstition – black cat nightlight uses at 15 watt light bulb. Also new this year are bases for our nightlights if you’d rather display nightlights on a tabletop instead of plugged into a wall. See them here. Superstition uses a ceramic tabletop base.

Haunt wrap – mix and match wraps with our Etched Core warmers. You can get a warmer/wrap combo; or just a warmer; or just a wrap.

Returning this year for harvest / Halloween:

Calavera  – sugar skull

Calavera nightlight

DIY Calavera – decorate your own, or leave it a blank canvas for a spooky skull.

Charmer – add seasonal decor to the fire glass included with this warmer such as leaves, acorns, skeleton charms

Make a Scene – similar to our Charmer – add your own seasonal decor. Perfect for creative souls.

Featured Warmer / Scent of the month:

September – Hocus Pocus and Casting Spells Continue reading

How to Avoid Team Drama

save your dramaEver feel like you’re a drama magnet?

If it seems you’re always having to deal with drama within your team, guess what? It’s because you allow it.

You may not be able to control drama. But you can control what you allow yourself and your team members to be expose to.

Not everything said needs a verbal response. Silence is a response.

I know it’s sometimes easier said than done, especially if you feel you or your version of events have been inaccurately portrayed. But you can be the bigger person if you simply don’t engage.

As a leader of a team you also have a responsibility to the greater good. If you have a couple of consultants who feel it necessary to bring drama around others on your team, you’re allowing a negative work environment.

Imagine if a brand new consultant just joined, then joined our team page only to see a hornet’s nest of drama among consultants? Awk! That new person would be thinking “What did I just get myself into?”

Sometimes being a leader requires you to make some unpopular decisions. Remember: Think of the greater good.

This llama doesn’t want your drama.

No More Dangling Cords

Scentsy stands to hide cords

Scentsy has some new candle warmer stands to hide your electrical cords.

Stylishly showcase your electric Scentsy candle warmer while keeping any unused portion of the cord hidden! Available in four chic designs: Branch, Tracks, Stencil, and Trellis

Stands are always a good idea to keep the air flowing under the warmer temperature of an electrical appliance. Now these stylish designs will also hide your cords. No more dangling cords! Grab a couple here.


Pumpkin Palooza 2016

scentsy-fall-recipesStep 1. Buy these Scentsy candle bars:

Apple S’mores, Baked Apple Pie, Cider Mill, Mochadoodle, Pumpkin Roll, Sugar Cookie

Step 2. Mix one (1) cube of each:

Apple Harvest = Apple S’mores + Cider Mill

Pumpkin Apple Fritter = Bakes Apple Pie + Apple S’mores + Pumpkin Roll

Cider Cookie = Cider Mill + Sugar Cookie

Apple S’mores Cookie = Apple S’mores + Sugar Cookie

Pumpkin Frap = Pumpkin Roll + Mochadoodle + Cider Mill

Pumpkin Pie = Pumpkin Roll + Baked Apple Pie

Step 3. Use THIS link from for special pricing

You can also find it at: SHOP > Specials > Combine & Save > 6 Scentsy bars

Note: If you don’t use the Combine and Save option above you’ll be charged individually at $5 each candle bar, so you’ll want to ensure you use this link.

Step 4. Enjoy your Pumpkin Palooza 2016.

Original Pumpkin Palooza 2016 design created by Julia Baldwin.

Buddha’s Acorn Hat

Anyone else notice that Buddha’s hat on our beautiful Scentsy Bali electric wickless candle warmer looks like an acorn?

I’ve seen countless images of Buddha and now that’s all I can see.buddha-acorn-hat

Our Acorn warmer was just introduced September 2016 as part of our Harvest collection. It is available while supplies last. Both are available at

With both of these high quality candle warmers, the lids lift off to reveal a dish to warm and melt scented candle wax.

Admit it, you see it now too, don’t you?



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