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Vendor Event Mistakes

Not all vendor events are good for your business.

Direct Sales vendor events expo fairYesterday I manned a booth for a charity event at a local festival. Across the street from me was a direct sales vendor. I had all afternoon to reflect on the mistakes this consultant made.

I’m not criticizing, but rather pointing out some of the mistakes so that you don’t make them in the future.

Target Market – This was the biggest mistake. The average attendee for this event was younger (some not even 18) and lower income. The visitors to the booths were mainly there for the service information and freebies. There was only one other direct seller there. It just wasn’t the right market for DS.

Weather – It was 90 degrees in the bright sunshine. Vendors were under canopies but it was still sweltering. It was not conducive for soft candle wax.

Set Up -The candle bars that were for sale were on the side of the booth space. The vendors were placed very close together and I saw no others who used the side to display anything, but rather all faced forward. Point being, wax is Scentsy’s biggest seller.  Even if most attendees were there for freebies, someone may have easily spent $5 to get more wax – but it was almost hidden, until you got right on top of the booth. Continue reading

Scentsy Freebies

Scentsy specialsDo you think giving away free samples or offering discounts and specials is good for your business?

I agree that in some cases you may want to give potential customers a small sample so they can experience it and want more. I don’t have any problem with that. My concern is for the consultants who lead with freebies, specials and discounts.

Below you will find a segment from Marketing Coach, David Newman on pricing and fees. He is talking about a different field, but it’s very applicable to anyone in sales.  He’s referencing target markets and how some people are Timex people and others are Rolex.  The comments in parentheses are mine as it relates to your Scentsy business.

“Myth: You will lose business if you charge too much. (If you don’t give away freebies or offer personal specials or discounts) Continue reading

Scentsy Stay Awhile

You MUST try Stay Awhile

Scentsy Stay AwhileStay Awhile is my new favorite Scentsy wickless candle scent that was introduced in March 2016.

Let’s look at the description of the scent:

Sail a tranquil sea redolent with quiet Atlantic seaberry, water hyacinth, red cassis and fresh, exquisite teakwood.

Now let’s be honest. Would you likely purchase this scent based solely on the description? I wouldn’t  – because I don’t know what most of those ingredients smell like.  I know now that I like it but I ordered it merely because it was new.

Here’s a breakdown of this description, with the help of Mr. Google:

  • Sail a tranquil sea (so it’s safe to assume is a clean, fresh spa type scent)
  • redolent (strongly reminiscent or suggestive of something) with quiet Atlantic seaberry (seaberry isthe aroma of tropical flowers and ozonic marine notes collide in this fresh fragrance. It begins with top notes of Italian bergamot extract, tart seaberries, and marine, ozonic notes; flowing nicely into middle notes ofgeranium, jasmine, and fresh rose petals; well-balanced with a base note of white musk.”
  • water hyacinth (the “odor profile of water hyacinth is a green floral with an aqueous nuance to its scent profile, less dramatic than regular hyacinth”) – feel free to ask Mr. Google about green floral, aqueous nuance and regular hyacinth.
  • red cassis (“Cassis refers to an intense black currant character, and most often it is used to refer to crème de cassis, a darkly colored, sweet black currant flavored liqueur.” I couldn’t specifically find red cassis, but it appears to be a wine type scent)
  • fresh, exquisite teakwood (teakwood is often used in men’s cologne scents. Some suggest it smells like Abercrombie)

That’s a long way of saying Stay Awhile smells like HAPPINESS. You really need to get some to be delivered to your door here.  Since you’ll love it so much you might as well get a six pack here with this link, and by doing so you’ll get one free.


Summer Jobs

Need a summer job?part time summer job

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Join Scentsy for $99 to get almost 3x that in contents of your starter kit.  Work as much or as little as you want from home.

No home parties necessary, unless you like that type of socialization, then that’s a great avenue to share Scentsy with others while earning some extra scratch.

You can also share Scentsy by doing online parties, posting via social media, basket (catalogs) parties, vendor events, display setups in businesses or little league practice or pool parties and fundraisers. There are plenty of options.

No monthly minimums.

Continue reading

Handwritten Marketing is Unprofessional

If you’re an independent direct sales consultant, you’re a business owner. Professionalism is a must if you want to succeed.

Handwritten marketing is unprofessionalOne of my favorite acronyms to remember in business is RYBLAB: Run Your Business Like a Business.

The only time handwriting is appropriate in business is a personal thank you note. All other marketing should be typewritten using labels, ink stamps or not good but acceptable, typed up labels printed off the computer then carefully cut out and taped.

Marketing that should never be handwritten: Contact info on catalogs, business cards, samples, table displays, and signage.

I have seen some consultant displays with their table lined with butcher paper or a chalk board. Then they wrote the product categories or marking slogans with chalk or a marker. It looks so unprofessional. I’ve also heard some consultants sing the praises of this type of display. I suppose I could concede that if someone has impeccable penmanship, then maybe. But the ones I have seen look like bad, kiddie birthday party crafts.

Those who don’t want to acknowledge handwriting in business is unprofessional, argue that they don’t have a printer or an ink stamp or that it’s not a big deal.  It’s not a big deal if it’s just a hobby for you. But if you’re running a business and want find others to buy, host or join, then you must RYBLAB (Run Your Business Like a Business).

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