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Is Your Direct Sales Biz Not Doing Well?

If your direct sales business isn’t doing well, the answer is not to quit and try a different company. The answer is to fix what isn’t working. If you don’t know how, seek counsel from your upline. If you don’t mesh well with your upline, contact that person’s upline. If you don’t know who that is, contact your corporate office to ask. Review your starter material. Visit your training center. Participate in your team training page.

Let me repeat, if you direct selling business isn’t going well, the answer is not to quit and try a different company. “These things” work … as long as you do too!

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Scentsy Celebrates Easter

Easter Scentsy warmersEaster this year falls on 5 April 2015. Whether you’re hosting Easter dinner, or going elsewhere, the host will enjoy one of these Easter themed candle warmers.

Scentsy cross warmer

ANTIQUE CROSS SCENTSY WARMER DELUXE – Step into a centuries-old cathedral with this enduring symbol of hope, displayed upon a white crackle finish.

Scentsy brown cross warmer

CHARITY SCENTSY WARMER DELUXE – Understated and inspired, Charity’s matte antique white finish over slate-like shades of brown, rust, and green highlights embossed Spanish-style details.

Scentsy believe nightlight warmer

BELIEVE NIGHTLIGHT SCENTSY WARMER – A simple statement of hope decorates this white, earthenware warmer with weathered edges.

scentsy easter bunny warmer

EASTER BUNNY SCENTSY WARMER PREMIUM – Grab your basket and put on your Sunday best, it’s Easter time! Add whimsical fun to your holiday

Scentsy easter egg warmer

EASTER EGG FULL-SIZE SCENTSY WARMER PREMIUM – As colorful as the coming spring, Easter Egg is the perfect present for any basket! Layers of pretty, hand-painted pastel patterns and dancing daisies decorate its glossy surface. Open it, and you’ll find a clever treat – a warmer dish nestled right into the egg.

Before you go, remember to add some delightfully scented candle bars – over 80 scents from which to choose! Use our Combine and Save options for additional savings.

Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.  ~S.D. Gordon

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