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College Care Package Ideas

care package ideasLooking for something send in a care package to your favorite college student?

Whether they admit it or not, whether staying in a dorm or sharing a house or apartment with others, university students love to get mail from loved ones.

Here are some college care package ideas for what to send your young adult –

Electric candle warmers and essential oil diffusers. Where the open flame of a wicked candle is not permitted, wickless candles and cold mist water fragrance diffusers can leave living and study spaces smelling inviting. Available in multiple sizes and decors, including NCAA schools in our campus collegiate collection.

Concentrated room spray.  Bathrooms, dorms, cars – any place that could use a breath of fresh air.

Scent paks. These beanbags filled with scent are great to stash in closets, under the seat of a car, behind a desk and in dresser drawers. Continue reading

Not Hitting Your Goals?

Jeff Goins Blogging AudienceI participated in a Jeff Goins webinar this week about building your audience. One of the things he said that stuck with me is:

If you’re not hitting your goals, there’s usually 1 of 3 things going on:

  1. Your model is broken.
  2. You know what to do but haven’t taken action.
  3. You have taken action but now you’re stuck and don’t know what to do now.

If you fall into the above, then you need a guide to help mentor you through.

I keep thinking about how this relates to direct sales independent consultants who haven’t been hitting their goals. There are usually one of three things going on:

1. Your model is broken.

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Scentsy Amazon

What’s the first thing you think of when you see Scentsy Amazon?

Do you think that you can buy Scentsy on I think you can, but I wouldn’t. It’s unauthorized, bootleg, illegal to sell on there and who knows what you’re getting – possibly reused, old and stale wax that came from a chain smoker who doesn’t even crack a window. Consultants are prohibited to sell on Amazon if they want to keep being a Scentsy consultant.

Maybe you think of the Amazon Rainforest. Do you know where the Rainforest is? I wasn’t sure. So Mr. Google told me Brazil. But northern Brazil, not Rio Olympics Brazil. “The basin is 2.7 million square miles while the Amazon covers 2.1 million square miles of it. If the Amazon rainforest was a country, it would rank 9th in size.”

Scentsy Amazon RainOr perhaps when you hear the word Amazon you think of RuPaul’s Glamazon. BTW, you can find the Glamazon lyrics here.

Do you think about an Amazon woman? The real Amazons were long believed to be purely imaginary. They were the mythical warrior women who were the archenemies of the ancient Greeks. Every Greek hero or champion, from Hercules to Theseus and Achilles, had to prove his mettle by fighting a powerful warrior queen.

Confessions – First thing I think about when I hear Scentsy Amazon is Glamazon. (Love me some RuPaul’s Drag Race. Just announce when Season 9 will premiere already!)

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Scentsy Camera Warmer

Our much in demand Scentsy candle warmer, Still Frame is now available.

Still Frame Scentsy warmer

This wickless candle warmer is perfect for all camera buffs and to gift to your favorite photographer.

Don’t wait shutterbugs! Because this is a featured WOTM (Warmer of the Month) that means it is not in our catalog, therefore it’ll only be available while supplies last.

Get this vintage camera here today; it’s 10% off during August 2016.

Remember to add your favorite scented candle wax. If you order through this special link you’ll get five candle bars, plus an extra FREE. Each candle bar contains eight cubes. Mix and match scents.

To see some of our previous Warmers of the Month that you can also order click here.

Fall Scentsy on Sale

Scentsy Fall AutumnDuring August 2016 find Scentsy Fall / Winter candle scents on sale 10-20% off at

From the SALE section 20% off – limited availability:

Bergamot Bay – Classic bergamot is captured beautifully in this outdoorsy, eye-opening scent, accented by crisp notes of juniper berry, bay leaf and white sandalwood.

Juniper Berry – This luscious blend of black raspberry, lemon peel and bergamot with a hint of earthy balsam is clean and crisp, like the first taste of autumn.

From our CLASSICS section – 10% off in August

Cinnamon Vanilla – Inviting blend of vanilla beans, cinnamon, coconut and cassia.

Just Breathe – Breathe deeply as soothing eucalyptus, zesty lemon, and a medley of mints comfort and rejuvenate. Some say it helps them breathe better when they have a cold.

Welcome Home – Warm and welcoming with cinnamon and spices.

From our CORNER CAFE section – 10% off in August

Baked Apple Pie – Flaky crust, apples, and spices combined in a strong scent.

Coconut Pumpkin Pie – Fall’s most treasured fragrance enjoys an unexpectedly exotic touch, as pumpkin puree, grated nutmeg and maple sugar are heightened by a hint of coconut shavings.

Starting 1 September you’ll be able to get all of our Fall and Winter scents – your old favorite and some brand new. For now, since you’ll want toasty, cozy warm scents anyway, you might as well grab some of these above while they’re on sale.

As always, shop from my Combine and Save multi-pack special link to get six candle bars for the price of five. Mix and match scents. Who doesn’t love FREE Scentsy?

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