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Scentsy Simply Lemon

scentsy lemon scentDo you love the crisp, clean, citrus scent of lemons?

Scentsy’s SIMPLY LEMON can give you that tart smell all year long. But you’ll have to hurry to stock up on it; and you only have one short week left to do so.

Simply Lemon was previously discontinued. Then during our popular voting promotion, Bring Back My Bar (BBMB) we brought back our delicious lemon scent for July 2016. But it’s ONLY available during July. It will no longer be available to order on 1 August 2016.

Use this Combine and Save link to get 5 candle bars for the price of 6. You can mix and match scents or just get all lemon. Although, six may not be enough to last since it won’t be available to order anymore, so you may want to get more than one six-pack.

Can’t Smell Candles Anymore?

Can’t smell your Scentsy candles anymore? Here’s why –

Having been in the candle industry for over 20 years, I sometimes hear how customers claim they can’t smell the candles and blame it on the company changing their formula.

Scentsy did not change the formulaBasset hounds have over 220 million smell receptors, and the portion of their brains tied to sense of smell is 40 times that of a human’s. Don’t you wish you were a basset hound?

The short answer to why you can’t smell Scentsy candles is that it’s your nose; not Scentsy.

What?! How Dare You Suggest It’s My Nose!

The scientific and technical explanation of why this is true can be found here. It’s called Anosmia or Olfactive Fatigue.

In layman’s, LA terms – it works like this: your nose gets used to or immune to certain components of your favorite candles. If you tend to warm the same type, such as spice/cinnamon scented candles frequently, it’s possible they will seem not as strong to you or you may even think they forgot to put the fragrance oil in them.

However, instead of spice, if you warm a floral or clean type scent or one you don’t particularly care for, you’ll definitely smell that one. It’s because your nose hasn’t become “nose blind” to those fragrance notes.

I know, I know some refuse to believe that. It tends to happen more often at the change of seasons. I hear about it year after year.

My Nose Quit Me Too

Consider this: I’ve been in the candle industry since 1995. I’ve been home based since 1999. I warm candles 365/24/7 unless I’m in a travel status. My favorite scents tend to be male cologne and warm fall scents. I warm them all year. Continue reading

Scentsy 2017 Trips

scentsy incentive tripsScentsy is going on an African Safari and Punta Cana in 2017

In addition to Africa and the Dominican Republic, also early in 2017 is a trip to New York City for those who qualified during the 2016 Summer incentive. Our 2017 Scentsy Family Reunion in Kansas City is also available for trip earners.

I’m looking for 10 people who love to travel for free and want to join me in this journey. If it’s not you, refer a friend or two to me.

We have 6 months to qualify for and earn these trips.  You or someone you know has been thinking about a side business, extra income, full time work, want to travel for free, right?

Africascentsy incentive trip

Last year my daughter did a Study Abroad course that took primarily in the Masai Mara National Reserve, in southern Kenya. She was there to
study the behavior of African Mammals. They went on Safaris twice a day. It was the trip (college class) of a lifetime.

Scentsy hasn’t provided specific details of the trip to Africa just yet but I am confident it will be equally amazing!

Join me


It’s not just that little wax business, it’s a way of life. Can’t wait to hear from you so you can make Scentsy the Journey that changes your life.

You’ll find all the previous trip destinations here.

Scentsy Incentive Trip Destinations

Do you like to travel? How about travel in style on all-expense paid trips? Better yet, right? Scentsy Family Independent Consultants have the ability to earn free trips each year. Take a look below at the destinations by year:

Scentsy Inventive Trips 2017

  • New York City
  • African Safari
  • Punta Cana
  • Kansas City/ Scentsy Family Reunion
  • TBD (for Australian consultants)
  • TBD / Scentsy Family Reunion
  • TBD (for European consultants)


Scentsy Inventive Trips 2016

  • Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas Cruise Cozumel Mexico
  • Nashville / Scentsy Family Reunion
  • Disney World
  • Singapore (for Australian consultants)
  • Brisbane / Scentsy Family Reunion
  • Cyprus (for European consultants)

Scentsy Inventive Trips 2015

  • Royal Caribbean Cruise originating from & returning to Puerto Rico (for North American consultants)
  • Las Vegas / Scentsy Family Reunion
  • Tenerife Canary Islands (for European consultants)
  • Bali (for Australian consultants)

Scentsy Inventive Trips 2014

  • Greece
  • Atlantis, Bahamas
  • St. Louis/Scentsy Family Reunion

Scentsy Inventive Trips 2013 Continue reading

Scentsy is NOT Saturated

I love this graphic from our July 2016 Scentsy Convention in Nashville. It’s a Scentsy saturation chart. Even in our most “saturated” areas with the most consultants, it only reached just over 2%. That’s a LOT of potential customers who need Scentsy. So… what are you waiting for? Come join me and let’s make this world smell phenomenal!

how many consultants scentsy

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