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Upsell is Not a Dirty Word

tips to increase salesWhen you hear the term Up-sell does it invoke an image of an unsavory salesman trying to con you into something more expensive?

Up-sell is not a dirty word. It is a marketing term for the practice of suggesting higher priced or additional products or services to a customer who is considering a purchase.

Rarely do you escape a fast food drive-in without being asked if you would “like to super-size that?” Servers are taught to ask restaurant patrons “Are you ready for dessert or do you want to take any sauces home with you today?” It’s an acceptable practice. The power of suggestion is incredibly influential. Spontaneous add-ons are generally win/win for both the patron and the business. Continue reading

How To Respond to “What Do You Do?”

what do you do?

As a Scentsy consultant, do you look forward to or dread the question when asked “What do you do?” as it pertains to your  work or profession?

If you love this question, I venture to guess you’re doing well with your Scentsy business. You’re realizing success because you have the passion and drive to make it work, or you’ve simply figured out a way to respond to that question in a way that is contagious so that others want to know more.

If you dread this question, it’s probably because you’re just not sure what to say. Am I right?

Let’s say for the past x years you’ve been a stay at home mom or you work at an office or a store. Now, in addition to that you’ve also started a Scentsy business. You may not even look at it as that. You may be thinking, “I joined Scentsy, but I didn’t start a business.” If any of the above applies to you, read on.

This mindset may be part of your problem.

If you joined Scentsy as an independent consultant, you actually did start a business – whether or not you think of it that way and regardless of how many hours a week you put into it or how much revenue you’re bringing in. You’re a business owner. Continue reading

Direct Sales Lessons from Notre Dame

How May I Help You?

Whether or not you are a fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, everyone should add ‘Attend a Notre Dame Football game’ to their bucket list. It truly is an experience like no other. There are also some direct sales lessons that can be learned from a trip to Notre Dame.

First it’s important to understand a bit about the Notre Dame Usher program. I’ll give you examples of their outstanding customer service, then hopefully you can transfer this knowledge to your own direct sales business.

Notre Dame has almost 900 ushers who work each game.  They each know they are Ambassadors to the University.   They represent a one of a kind institution and must reflect that at all times.   One thing you will hear over and over is “Welcome to Notre Dame” “Welcome to Notre Dame” “Welcome to Notre Dame.”

Required vs. Prohibited Language

No substitute will do.  Ushers are required to welcome anyone who comes across their path. Saying nothing is as bad as just saying “Hi or Hello.”  It’s “Welcome to Notre Dame“.   The first time guests are pleasantly surprised and the return guests have come to expect it.

Also, another term you will hear repeatedly is “How may I help you?”   Not, “Do you need any help?” and not  “Let me know if you need any help?”  “Do you know where you’re going?‘ is totally unacceptable – it implies the guest is an imbecile. Continue reading

What’s the Real Deal with Scentsy?

Dispelling Myths About Scentsynot true

I’ve been with Scentsy almost eleven (11) years. I’ve been through a lot with this company. I also don’t pull any punches and tell it like I see it. It saddens me when I read or hear so much inaccurate information about the Scentsy Family – therefore I am going to clear up some myths.

Myth #1: Scentsy is just another pyramid scheme and the big wigs are just worried about their bottom line.

Truth: Not a pyramid scheme by any means. It’s a direct sales company with a two-tiered compensation plan. Definitely not a pyramid and not a scheme.  Read more about a two-tiered pay plan here.

As far as just being worried about their bottom line, I certainly disagree wholeheartedly that they are “just” worried about their bottom line but it is indeed important – and that is a GOOD thing. If they’re not in business, if they’re not making money, then we, the independent consultants, don’t have a business and we don’t make money.

Myth #2: Scentsy is saturated. I see car decals all over town.

Continue reading

Summer Jobs

Need a summer job?part time summer job

Teachers, students, moms, unemployed, underemployed, and anyone who wants to earn some extra cash this summer:

Join Scentsy for $99 to get almost 3x that in contents of your starter kit.  Work as much or as little as you want from home.

No home parties necessary, unless you like that type of socialization, then that’s a great avenue to share Scentsy with others while earning some extra scratch.

You can also share Scentsy by doing online parties, posting via social media, basket (catalogs) parties, vendor events, display setups in businesses or little league practice or pool parties and fundraisers. There are plenty of options.

No monthly minimums.

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