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How to Keep the Convention Motivation Going

zig ziglar motivationIt’s summertime. That means many direct sales companies just held or will soon be holding their annual convention.  Most who attend such gatherings will tell how your inspiring, exciting, motivating and energizing the experience is.  Most will come home on fire – ready to take their direct selling business to a new level.

However just like any post-vacation or other post-positive-experience event, once you get back to the real world, surrounded by real life and an abundance of personalities, it’s not long before you lose that honeymoon feeling.

Is the Honeymoon over?

Just like any relationship or marriage, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last. Though there are some steps you can take to keep your positive momentum going, long after you’ve finished laundry, uploaded your trip pics and put the suitcase away.

Consider why your convention was so inspiring. I’m sure you can come up with a number of reasons and the number one contributor was because you were inundated with positive, energetic people who share the same goal. Attitudes are contagious. If you’re in a convention center with thousands of pumped up consultants, how can you not catch the fire? Continue reading

Go Blue Michigan Candle Warmer U of M

University of Michigan Wolverine Fans we have swag for you!

Scentsy Michigan warmers

Scentsy has three U of M candle warmers to fit any style.

  1. Plug-in mini nightlight light – uses 15 watt bulb
  2. Element Helmet – heat but no light bulb
  3. Gallery Frame – with a 25 watt light bulb to heat the wax

Get a couple for you, and a couple for the Michigan students, alum and fans on your list. Shipped directly to your door.


Scentsy NEW Catalog 2015

Get FREE Scentsy catalogOnly a few more days until the launch of the NEW Scentsy Fall Winter 2015 catalog from Scentsy! Our new look and new products will be available for sale on 1 September. This is a catalog changeover like never before. If you would like a snailmail hard copy to browse from your comfy chair, please contact me here with your your mailing address. You are going to love what is inside.

Likewise starting 1 September, you can see a PDF version of the new Fall Winter catalog by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget only a few days left to take advantage of the current 10% off sale through 31 August 31 – SHOP THE 10% OFF SALE NOW!


Laurie Ayers
Contact me here.
More Info:

Is Your Scentsy Business in a Funk?

Is your direct sales business in a funk?Ever hear a fellow consultant say, “I’m in a funk”?   I think we all get the idea of what that means when we hear it.  Basically that something isn’t quite right; nothing seems to be going well; in a slump, right?

Songwriter Steven Greenburg wrote the popular “Funkytown” when he became bored with Minneapolis and wanted to move to New York.   Some of the lyrics go: Well, I talk about it, Talk about it, Talk about it, Talk about it, Talk about, Talk about Talk about movin…” If you don’t remember that song – ask your parents!

Sound Familiar?

When consultants say they nothing is working, it  reminds me of Funkytown. I have had conversations similar to that below more than a few times over the years:

Downline:   Help! Help! I’m in a funk
Me:   Okay, tell me what you’ve been doing that isn’t working
DL:   I can’t get any parties booked and my sales are really down
Me:   What are you saying to potential hosts?
DL:   “Do you want to have a party for me?”

Then we go into a conversation about how hosts don’t do consultants favors.   The consultant has a fabulous product he or she wants to share and give others the opportunity to earn free items.   Actually the consultant is doing the host a favor. It’s an important change in mindset.

Me:   What else are you doing for your business?
DL:   I’ve talked to everyone I know.
Me: What have you said?
DL:   Everyone is broke.

Notice a pattern of evading my questions?

Me:   Have you called your past customers and hosts recently?
DL:   I sent a text.
Me:   Have you called your past customers and hosts recently? Just let them know what the current specials are and tell them that you’re placing an order and ask if you can them anything.
DL:   Oh.

Then months go by and the same consultant contacts me again: Continue reading

Scentsy Discontinued Warmers 2015

The Scentsy electric candle warmers pictured below are being discontinued on 1 September 2015. During August 2015 you can get them, while supplies last, for 10% off at After 1 September 2015 you may find them in our Sale section, but again those are only while supplies last.

I frequently get emails asking if I have any discontinued warmers for sale. As a rule, I do not keep stock of discontinued warmers. I like to have current inventory on-hand.

After 31 August 2015, here is a list of the Scentsy warmers that will no longer be available to purchase from the catalog or the websites (unless it’s still in Specials Sale):

Blast Off (kids blue rocket); Bride (cream colored with 3D roses); Bronze Vine; Cherry Tree (dark turquoise with cherry blossoms); Chevron Black; Cupcake; Free Spirit (red bandana print); Grateful Harvest (wheat stalks); Homestead (Home Sweet Home); It’s a Party (birthday cake); Lighthouse; Nature’s Haven (bird on top of dish); Owlet; Rustic Bloom (turquoise); Tiara (pink crown); Flower Vine; Henna; Rooster; Rustic Star; Flower Press plug-in nightlight; Damask; Frosty Shade Shadow; Linen Shade Shadow; Shadow inserts: Abby; Kodiak (bear); Marker Art (for those into coloring books); Melody (piano keys musician); Zinnia (flowers); Carrey (blue element no light); Gallery Collection for magnetic frames: Classic Brick; Classic Charcoal; Classic Cream;  Cube Ebony; Cube Gunmetal; Cube Moss; Breast cancer charity warmers black Ribbons of Hope.

Get them in August 2015 here. After 1 September 2015 check here.

Scentsy discontinued warmers 2015

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