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Top 11 Reasons Why I Love to Work from Home

In no particular order, below are the top 11 reasons why I love to work from home:

Top 11 reasons why I love to work from home

1. When the kiddo calls from school and say “I forgot my … ”  I can buzz it right up to her.

2. If I feel like taking a nap, I can.

3. I am the boss of me.

4. I can get a hair appointment on short notice because I can make it at almost any time.

5. If I have a sick child I don’t have to rearrange any schedules or call off work.

6. I get to hang out with my basset hounds all day.

7. I can bake cookies or decorate a cake at the same time I’m on a telecon. Continue reading

Scentsy 2017 Discontinued Retired

GOING GOING… GONE. We’re in the last few days before these scents disappear. 

Scentsy 2017 Discontinued List

2017 discontinued retired scentsyThe following items below from our current Fall Winter 2016 catalog are being discontinued on 28 February 2017. They will not be in our upcoming Spring Summer 2017 product line that starts 1 March 2017.

Shop now at They’re only available through February, or while supplies last. You can also click on the items below to be taken directly to them at my webstore.

Most all Scentsy items at are at least 10% off.

Autumn Blaze Maple 
Autumn Sunrise
Autumn Sunset
Blackberry Orange Marmalade
Candied Pomegranate
Cashmere Pear
Cedar Cider
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Scentsy Charmer Warmer

scentsy glass charmer warmerScentsy Charmer is Being Discontinued After February 2017

I am so bummed this warmer is being discontinued. It’s one of my favorites. I love this one so much I ordered an extra one in case anything should ever happen to mine I’ll have a back-up. I only ordered one extra one, so I will not have any extras to sell after this is discontinued. Get yours here before they’re gone for good. I added the rainbow saying decal and stones which I found on Etsy & the stars were on a bracelet I found in a clearance rack.

As of 18 Feb 2017 it is showing a status of back ordered. This mean that you can still order it, but delivery will be delayed.  This means we’re getting low on stock but it is still available to order.

Customize Your Scentsy  Charmer Warmer

Charmer-Scentsy-Warmer-of-the-Month-January-2015Last January Scentsy introduced a new type of warmer for the January Warmer of the Month.  This beauty is called Charmer – and you can see why! It comes with beach glass, which you nestle between two panes of glass for an absolutely stunning look. Red heart charms not included.   

.It’s versatile too!

Feeling creative? You can take this one warmer, and make it into multiple different warmers. You can swap out different items to put between the glass panes to give it an entirely different look.

One caveat to this:  remember this is still an electrical unit that warms the wax with a 25 watt lightbulb, so the unit still does get warm. Before selecting various items to showcase between the glass panes, remember not to choose anything that could get too hot and shatter the glass. We certainly want to remain the safe alternative to wicked candles. Also if you personally choose to fill it with non-Scentsy items that cause damage to the warmer it will void our warranty. So have fun; be creative; just be wise with what materials you place between the glass. Continue reading

Retro Kitchen Decor

Scentsy retro toasterHave you seen Scentsy’s retro kitchen decor, Morning Toast?

This 1950s inspired toaster is actually an electric wickless candle warmer. It’ll go great with any mid-century decorating scheme.

We have a number of delicious smelling wickless candle scents that you’ll want to warm in your toaster. Some suggestions include Apple Butter, Cinnamon Vanilla and Blackberry Orange Marmalade.

More Than Just Toast

If you like the retro look we also have a few other candle warmers that may interest you. We currently have a Scooter (moped, vespa); Rooster; Camper (trailer); Roller Skates; and Camera. See the complete line of Scentsy electric wickless candle warmers here.

$avings Tip

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Bumble Bee Buddy

scentsy bee buddyEveryone’s abuzz with excitement about our newest Scentsy stuffed animal, Buddy, Bumble the Bee!

And who can blame them? His wide-eyed innocence and fabulous black-and-yellow look are something to BEEhold! So whether you prefer to stop and smell the flowers or zip around the hive, this busy bee is ready to tag along in style.

Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite Scent Pak fragrance. Bumble the Bee is $30 and comes with a Scent Pak of your choice.

We can’t wait for you to meet him!

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