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LA’s Tips to Dominate Your Scentsy Business in 2017

stinkin thinkin will kill your Scentsy businessThis time each year direct sellers evaluate their business to decide if they want to hang in there another year and if so, then set goals for the new year.

Goals are great, but if you don’t have a game plan how you’ll get there, then setting goals is nothing more than an exercise in futility.

If your goal is to: Dominate Your Scentsy Business in 2017, below are my top tips how you may achieve that. The tips below are aimed toward the Scentsy consultant who already has a business, not for one considering starting a direct selling biz. If you’re just starting out you have a warm market and everything is new. I’m referring to those who need to re-launch, or wake up or merely want to soar with the eagles in order to take their business to the next level.

1. Attitude. If you have stinkin’ thinkin’, or are not fully committed that Failure is Not an Option, then you won’t be able to dominate your Scentsy business in 2017. It’s that simple – either you are in, or you are not.

2. Get off Facebook. Let me repeat that – Get off Facebook. Now let me clarify – if you have a team page on Facebook – such as what I have for my group and team, then it is vital that you participate in that group. That is your board room, your office, your hub, the center where you’ll receive training, support and information. Be there.

Rather I am talking about the abundance of time wasted on Facebook. Some of you try to justify wasted time as “working”. Busy work and productive work are not the same thing. Some of you are members of boatloads of groups and pages – most with fellow consultants from the same direct sales company. A page for directors; a page for party ideas; a group for event attendees; a group to share flyers; a group for games; and group for consultants who are redheads; a group for consultants who like bacon.   I think you get the idea. You’re getting ready to get ready. You are not working. You are procrastinating. You are stalling. You are pretending. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. The basics work.

Next, as it relates to Facebook – you have your plethora of groups and pages that you follow, but then you also have your personal profile page and maybe a separate Scentsy page. You don’t need to spam the heck out of followers by posting multiple times a day. Say what you need to say and move on.

Facebook is fun; Facebook is comfortable. I like it. I’m on there frequently. But I have my team page, and I participate in a Superstar Director page with my peers for top level problem solving and I have a corporate focus group that I participate in. That’s it. My “Scentsy sisters” are actually my competitors.

If they are not in my downline, they are competitors. I do not need to spend oodles of time with them pretending to call it “working.” That designation as ‘competitors’ may sound harsh. I love and respect many of my fellow consultants, but don’t loose track of the fact they will never be your customers or future hosts or recruits. They already have that covered.

I need to spend time with current customers and team members and also on continually building my business to share my products and business opportunity with NEW customers and possible future team members.   Where will I find new markets? Certainly not on the same tired, saturated Facebook networks. Certainly not with other fellow consultants. Nope – the key is to get off Facebook and get into other networks.  Whether you opt to build a following on Pinterest or Twitter or Snapchat or Tumblr or Instagram or join the local Chamber of Commerce or Toastmasters International – you need to branch out if you want to dominate your Scentsy business in 2017.

3.   Review tips #1 and #2 – and repeat.   That will keep you plenty busy. And that will work. You do not need a fancy, extended blueprint with multiple, complex steps.   You need an attitude of Failure is Not an Option and you need to widen your exposure by getting off Facebook.   I guarantee if you do those two steps, and do it wholeheartedly with conviction and commitment, you will dominate your Scentsy business in 2017.

You can do this!

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About the Author: Laurie Ayers is a Michigan work from home mom and a Superstar Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles. She enjoys helping men and women start and maintain a home based business in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Germany, Ireland, UK, France, Austria and Spain. To download a FREE Start Up Guide which provides more details about how to start a home business as well as to learn about our compensation plan go to 

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