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Direct Sales Compliance Rules

Having a hard time with your Independent Consultant title yet having policies and procedures thrust upon you by your Direct Sales company?

I have been in direct sales for 28 years. It’s a great industry to be in if you want to determine how often you work, when you work, and how much income you want to make.

It’s a convenient business-in-a-box that comes with a parent company to take care of supplying the products, paying the consultants, and providing marketing platforms for the business opportunity as well as the product line.

So then why is there a compliance department? Why do you have to get approval for certain ads? Why aren’t you allowed to do this or that? After all, you’re an independent consultant. You make individual decisions about your independent business, right?

scentsy policies and proceduresConsider your direct sales business as a jigsaw puzzle.

Many puzzlers (myself included) start with the edge, the border. I want to see how big the puzzle is. I want to see where the top is. I want to know how much room I have.

Your parent direct sales company is the edge of the puzzle. To protect the integrity of the company and to ensure, as Scentsy, Inc. co-owner, Orville Thompson says, “that no one stands up in the theater” (because then in order for all others to see properly they too would need to stand up), all direct sales businesses include consultant  Terms and Conditions how all independent consultant will operate. Continue reading

How to Keep the Convention Motivation Going

zig ziglar motivationIt’s summertime. That means many direct sales companies just held or will soon be holding their annual convention.  Most who attend such gatherings will tell how your inspiring, exciting, motivating and energizing the experience is.  Most will come home on fire – ready to take their direct selling business to a new level.

However just like any post-vacation or other post-positive-experience event, once you get back to the real world, surrounded by real life and an abundance of personalities, it’s not long before you lose that honeymoon feeling.

Is the Honeymoon over?

Just like any relationship or marriage, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last. Though there are some steps you can take to keep your positive momentum going, long after you’ve finished laundry, uploaded your trip pics and put the suitcase away.

Consider why your convention was so inspiring. I’m sure you can come up with a number of reasons and the number one contributor was because you were inundated with positive, energetic people who share the same goal. Attitudes are contagious. If you’re in a convention center with thousands of pumped up consultants, how can you not catch the fire? Continue reading

Is Your Scentsy Business in a Funk?

Is your direct sales business in a funk?Ever hear a fellow consultant say, “I’m in a funk”?   I think we all get the idea of what that means when we hear it.  Basically that something isn’t quite right; nothing seems to be going well; in a slump, right?

Songwriter Steven Greenburg wrote the popular “Funkytown” when he became bored with Minneapolis and wanted to move to New York.   Some of the lyrics go: Well, I talk about it, Talk about it, Talk about it, Talk about it, Talk about, Talk about Talk about movin…” If you don’t remember that song – ask your parents!

Sound Familiar?

When consultants say they nothing is working, it  reminds me of Funkytown. I have had conversations similar to that below more than a few times over the years:

Downline:   Help! Help! I’m in a funk
Me:   Okay, tell me what you’ve been doing that isn’t working
DL:   I can’t get any parties booked and my sales are really down
Me:   What are you saying to potential hosts?
DL:   “Do you want to have a party for me?”

Then we go into a conversation about how hosts don’t do consultants favors.   The consultant has a fabulous product he or she wants to share and give others the opportunity to earn free items.   Actually the consultant is doing the host a favor. It’s an important change in mindset.

Me:   What else are you doing for your business?
DL:   I’ve talked to everyone I know.
Me: What have you said?
DL:   Everyone is broke.

Notice a pattern of evading my questions?

Me:   Have you called your past customers and hosts recently?
DL:   I sent a text.
Me:   Have you called your past customers and hosts recently? Just let them know what the current specials are and tell them that you’re placing an order and ask if you can them anything.
DL:   Oh.

Then months go by and the same consultant contacts me again: Continue reading

Minding Your Business

mind your own business

Did you ever notice the consultants who spend time and effort worrying about what others are doing, or complaining about them, or spending oodles of time trying to get someone in trouble, are generally the consultants who aren’t working their own business? They’re the ones who struggle to gets sales, bookings or recruits.

If you haven’t noticed that, then take a quick peek in the mirror to make sure you’re not “that person.”

If what another consultant is doing could negatively affect your direct sales business, then we may have a different conversation. Consultants do not have the right to infringe on others’ success.

However, the majority of the time the haters, the complainers, the self-appointed police are meddling about something that does not or will not hurt their business one iota. And when they are not working their business one iota anyway, is it really any business to be hurt?

Head down. Laser focused. Minding your business. That’s the recipe for success.

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