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Are You Customer Focused?

are you customer focusedYour Call to Action – this means what do you want your audience to do? If you want them to buy, host, or join, you need to invite them to take some action.

The call to action is never about you. If you lead with “I’ve been challenged” or “I only need x-more to promote, earn, etc.” it may work temporarily but you won’t be able to keep going back to that well if they were only buying, hosting or joining to help you.

Your call to action is about your customers, hosts and potential team members.

Are you customer focused?

What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)? That’s what your audience wants to know.

How can you best serve those you want to do business with? How can you make their lives better? Now think about all we have to offer – our products, our host rewards and our business opportunity – what suits their needs? What do they need most from you?

This mindset should be in the forefront of every communication you have about Scentsy.

Michigan Single Mom’s Business Soars Despite Narcolepsy

Michigan Single Mom’s Business Soars Despite Severe Health Challenge, Recession

JENISON, MICH.(March 6, 2016) – Finding work in a tough economy is hard enough, but this single mom found success while dealing with an even more daunting problem: Narcolepsy.

“Life takes some interesting twists,” said Laurie Ayers, a mom of two in Jenison, Mich. “I never thought I’d be supporting my family with wax!” She credits working at home and the home fragrance business Scentsy and its wickless candles and scents for saving the day.

This smiling, redhead single mother lives with a-typical narcolepsy, a chronic neurological disorder that affects the part of the brain that regulates sleep and wake cycles. It is characterized by overwhelming drowsiness and difficulty staying awake. There is no cure. Medication and lifestyle changes at best can only manage symptoms – though with little success and strong side effects.

Contrary to stereotypes, narcolepsy is not related to depression, seizure disorders, fainting, lack of sleep or other conditions that cause abnormal sleep patterns. “Lazy, or depressed, that’s exactly what many people think,” Ayers said.

And, despite enduring narcolepsy for most of her life, Ayers worked outside the home with a career with the Federal Government. But as her narcolepsy progressed, she was no longer able to keep her eyes open to work a traditional eight-to-five job. Continue reading

Focus on Happiness

Think of someone you have a relationship with – a friend, lover, coworker, a company. Now consider five things happen with this person or entity that are positive; four things happen that are neutral; and one thing happens that is negative. What is the one we tend to think about when we go to sleep?

I heard the above on a video I was watched of Rick Hanson, Ph.D. giving a TED talk. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that since.

rick hanson phd happinessFocus on Happiness

We’ve heard the cliché about being half full or half empty. We’ve heard to focus on the positive not the negative. We’ve heard it. Yet does that really happen? I don’t think so, not as a whole. Look at social media if you’re not convinced. It’s full of opinionated complainers.  Certainly there are exceptions, but those who are discontent seem to be shouting the loudest and the most often.

I recently witnessed one direct sales leader posing a question on Facebook, looking for advice how to handle the negative drama she was experiencing on her team page. I then saw that same consultant on a different Facebook page instigating the negative drama! She started the thread complaining. She wasn’t just venting frustrations; she was fueling a mutiny, complete with demanding graphics.

That little interaction made me think about what Rick Hanson said, “… five things happen with this person or entity that are positive; four things happen that are neutral; and one thing happens that is negative. What is the one we tend to think about when we go to sleep?” Continue reading

5 Tips to Rev Up Your Direct Sales Business in January

JanuaryMany direct sales companies are slower during the J-months (January, June and July). January can be a particularly challenging month especially if you’ve just come off a whirlwind, crazy busy, holiday season.

The biggest mistake you can make in your business is to take January off because you’ve predetermined that your business will be virtually nonexistent. True it will be slower, but that is all the more reason to work even harder; not to go on hiatus. It’s likely that you were extremely busy during November and December. But don’t confuse being busy with working hard.

Before you get insulted at that last statement, I am fully aware of all the hustling and organizing it takes to ensure all holiday orders are placed and delivered timely. It can get pretty chaotic. Though I’m sure you’ll agree that it wasn’t terribly difficult to get orders during the gift giving season; or certainly not as difficult.  It’s safe to say you didn’t have to work as hard to get parties, vendor events or orders. Continue reading

LA’s Tips to Dominate Your Scentsy Business in 2016

stinkin thinkin will kill your Scentsy businessThis time each year direct sellers evaluate their business to decide if they want to hang in there another year and if so, then set goals for the new year.  Goals are great, but if you don’t have a game plan how you’ll get there, then setting goals is nothing more than an exercise in futility.

If your goal is to: Dominate Your Scentsy Business in 2016, below are my top tips how you may achieve that. The tips below are aimed toward the Scentsy consultant who already has a business, not for one considering starting a direct selling biz. If you’re just starting out you have a warm market and everything is new. I’m referring to those who need to re-launch, or wake up or merely want to soar with the eagles in order to take their business to the next level.

1. Attitude. If you have stinkin’ thinkin’, or are not fully committed that Failure is Not an Option, then you won’t be able to dominate your Scentsy business in 2016. It’s that simple – either you are in, or you are not.

2. Get off Facebook. Let me repeat that – Get off Facebook. Now let me clarify – if you have a team page on Facebook – such as what I have for my group and team, then it is vital that you participate in that group. That is your board room, your office, your hub, the center where you’ll receive training, support and information. Be there.

Continue reading

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