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Time Saving Tip

How to get things doneThis is a post I’ve wanted to write for some time now.

I haven’t though for concern it would come off bitchy. No one likes a bitch.

However, it needs to be said. I’ll try to make it a Fluff Sandwich, lest anyone get offended.

In my circle, we have a motto. It’s RPR!  I don’t use exclamation points often, but RPR! has one.

RPR! Stands for Read, People, Read!

If you want to save time trying to figure out how to do something, who do call, what order something needs to be done, and to do so as quickly as possible – read people, read.

I’m not talking about extensive instructions or manuals. I get that some people don’t have patience for that – self included sometimes.

Rather I’m talking about social media posts or in some cases, short blog posts. Here are instructions how to make your life easier; essentially here are the answers to the test – right here. You just need to read it.

Prime example: Continue reading

Check the Date

Look for date the blog post was puiblishedHey baby; you looking for a date? 

No, not a social event. No, not a fruit that grows on trees. I’m talking about the date on blog posts or news articles.

Immediately under the title of my blog posts you’ll see the date that the post was published.

For example, I always post about our bi-annual Bring Back My Bar (BBMB) promotions and share which scents are being brought back, along with a scent description. My posts are clear that they’re only available for one month, i.e. July 2016.

If you’re looking for one of those particular scents and it happens to be October 2016, there’s a very strong possibility that scent will no longer be available.  You will know this because you’ve read that it’s July only and because you’ve seen the date that the post was published, July 2016.

That doesn’t seem to stop some from contacting me to let me know they’re upset (to put it mildly) because they feel duped that in October they didn’t look to see that they were reading a post from earlier in the year.

I choose to think it’s an oversight. Continue reading

Missed Opportunities

missed opportunityBe aware of your surroundings and you will surely find opportunities.

So many people go through life missing what is right in front of their face. There are so many missed opportunities because they’re simply not paying attention.

I recently heard about a traveler who left his phone in the taxi he took from the airport to the hotel.

No problem. Just call the cab company to see if they can radio the driver, right?


  • None of the passengers had any idea what cab they got into. They couldn’t call the taxi company because in this major metro city there were numerous companies.
  • None of them looked at the name of the driver on the license that was clearly displayed.
  • They paid cash, so there was no credit card receipt to refer to.
  • They also didn’t get the number of the vehicle they were in.
  • The likelihood someone turned in the phone was not favorable. But even if someone had done that, there was no way for the driver and the passengers to be reunited because the Find-My-Phone app wasn’t helpful because the phone was turned off.

This is one small (but expensive) example of a missed opportunity simply due to lack of awareness.

In direct sales I often hear consultants say they can’t find anyone who is interested in buying, hosting or joining.

There will always be far more people to serve, than there are consultants to serve them.

I wonder how many of those consultants can’t find anyone because they’re not looking … really looking.

Be aware of your surroundings and you will surely find opportunities.

Advice from the Australian Bake Off

monique australian bake offWe all face challenges, but how we deal with them determines the outcome

I admit it, I’m addicted to reality baking shows on TV.

I watched as many episodes of the Great British Bake Off as was available on YouTube. Now I’m on Season 1 of the the Great Australian Bake Off. 

My European and Australian accents are coming right along. They are, in the words of Paul Hollywood, “well done!”

Even the best bakers can have a bad day. Baking is a science. So if some element is off, even the slightest, the result can be a flop.

Australian contestant, home baker Monique Bowley was under the gun to finish her dessert during a “technical challenge” when it was not going as planned. When questioned about the challenges she was experiencing with that particular bake, she responded:

There’s no option at this point, but to push on. – Monique Bowley

How true is that in life?

Whether you’re facing difficulties in your personal life, or your business seems to be hitting all sorts of roadblocks, push on.

What’s the alternative? You could quit. You could focus on what isn’t going right. You could get derailed by all the anger, frustrations and disappoints you’re feeling; or you could push on.

Which will you choose?

If you’ll excuse me, I must go check on my biscuits now. They’re quite lovely indeed. (Biscuits in EU and AU is what Americans call cookies)

How to Keep the Convention Motivation Going

zig ziglar motivationIt’s summertime. That means many direct sales companies just held or will soon be holding their annual convention.  Most who attend such gatherings will tell how your inspiring, exciting, motivating and energizing the experience is.  Most will come home on fire – ready to take their direct selling business to a new level.

However just like any post-vacation or other post-positive-experience event, once you get back to the real world, surrounded by real life and an abundance of personalities, it’s not long before you lose that honeymoon feeling.

Is the Honeymoon over?

Just like any relationship or marriage, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last. Though there are some steps you can take to keep your positive momentum going, long after you’ve finished laundry, uploaded your trip pics and put the suitcase away.

Consider why your convention was so inspiring. I’m sure you can come up with a number of reasons and the number one contributor was because you were inundated with positive, energetic people who share the same goal. Attitudes are contagious. If you’re in a convention center with thousands of pumped up consultants, how can you not catch the fire? Continue reading

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